The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

David returns with news, Todd reveals his feelings, and Roxy, Shaun and Nigel dwell on the cancellation of "Fraternity Row..."

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Roxy, Shaun, Nigel and Destiny watch "Fraternity Row" at Llanfair. When everyone hears Matthew's going home today, they wonder what Destiny's doing with them. Destiny worries how Matthew feels about the pregnancy. "At least you know who your baby daddy is," Roxy says. "Of course she does!" Shaun retorts. Everyone agrees Destiny needs to find out where Matthew's head is at.


Nora and Bo bring Matthew home and are shocked to find David partying in the loft. "Welcome home little, Bro," David screams over the music. "It's so good to see you again, vertical." David brags about his new movie, "The Boy With The Chipmunk Tattoo," and shows everyone his temporary tattoo. Nora worries about Matthew taking in too much. David reminds her that Matthew already woke up and found out he knocked up his girlfriend. After Matthew gets Nora and Bo to leave for takeout, he admits to David that he doesn't know how to deal with Destiny's pregnancy. David knows what it's like to be a teenage dad. Matthew doesn't remember David's confession while he was in a coma. Matthew wonders what happened to David's baby. Destiny arrives. David calls her enormous but claims he and Dorian are very excited. He'd like Destiny to consider them as Godparents then leaves for an interview with Blanca. Destiny gets right to the point and asks if Matthew's going to be part of their baby's life.


Back at Llanfair, Roxy tells Shaun they need something more than signatures to save their soap. They need something like… David appears. Roxy thinks David is the answer to saving "Fraternity Row."


In his office, Todd privately apologizes for everything he's done. He couldn't risk those he loves finding out what he did. Starr appears, having heard about Tomas. Todd acts sympathetic, but Starr reminds him this is good news for him. Todd asks what her earlier text meant. Starr explains how Rick is suing her. She doesn't want to bother Tea and asks for Todd's help. He promises to handle Rick. "Rick is already in traction, violence isn't the answer," Starr replies. They have a laugh. Starr gives Todd advice about Blair and warns him to take it slow. She wants him back with Blair and doesn't want Todd to mess things up again. He agrees to try to be patient.


Dani joins Tea and Blair in Angels Square. She saw the latest in The Sun and can't believe Uncle Tomas killed her dad. Tea listens and seethes as Blair admits Tomas confessed. Dani wonders why Tomas would kill someone they love. "He didn't do that," Tea snaps. Blair warns they have to come to grips with what Tomas did. Tea recalls John demanding she stay quiet and listens as Blair explains how Todd was going to help them find Tomas. He's been great about everything. Blair thinks they have Tea to thank for that. She trusted Todd when he said he didn't kill Victor. When Blair expresses Todd's concerns over Tea and Dani suffering the most, due to Tomas' actions, Tea orders her to shut-up. Blair questions Tea's jumpiness. Tea wants to throttle Todd, who has everything back - and Victor's dead. Tea needs time alone and leaves. Blair consoles Dani over Tomas and says, "It's like Eli all over again." At least they now know who killed Victor. Later, Blair takes a call from Todd and thanks him for checking in on her. Before Blair hangs up, Todd says, "There's something I need to tell you." Nearby, Nora worries that Matthew hates her for convincing Destiny to have the baby. Bo reassures her.


In his office, John explains Tomas' confession to Natalie, who finds it weird. Why would Tomas confess, just to talk and get it off his chest? John thinks it's possible then brings up how he's been trying to talk to Natalie. She keeps blowing him off. Natalie can't see the comparison. They talk about John's fun night with Liam. John wonders why she didn't stay with them. Natalie wanted John and Liam to have some alone time. John notes Natalie's shortness and asks, "What's wrong with us?" Tea appears. John assures Natalie they'll talk later. After Natalie leaves, Tea warns if John doesn't arrest Todd soon, she's going to lose it. John reminds Tea until they have evidence Todd needs to believe he's gotten away with murder. Tea breaks down in John's arms. Natalie sees them and interrupts with some phone records. After Natalie leaves, Tea looks at the records, hoping to find out where Todd has stashed her brother.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Matthew admits to Destiny that he's not exactly thrilled about the baby.

Todd admits he knows Jack was responsible for the fire at The Sun.

Tea and John trick Claude.

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