I Want You Back, Cowboy.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Kim makes a declaration, Shane senses Aubrey's becoming important, and Jessica and Ford go Christmas tree shopping...

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At Llanfair, Kim explains Stacy's plan to get Rex back. Clint worries how Rex and Shane will react. She admits Rex knows about Stacy and got Kim released from jail. "I want you back, Cowboy," Kim states and blames their separation on Cutter and David. Now, there's no one standing in their way. Clint brings up how much Viki's helped him and how they kissed. He snaps at Kim, who thinks Viki's right to think she's Clint's consolation prize. Kim realizes Clint wants her and Viki and asks, "Who do you want more?" He can't answer her. Kim already knows what she wants and urges Clint to think hard. She kisses his cheek and leaves.


In Angels Square, Ford and Jessica look for a tree. Ford thinks back to his childhood and anticipates giving Ryder everything he didn't have. He heads off to find the perfect tree. Nearby, Shaun gets Vivian to sign a petition to save "Paternity Row." Vivian hushes Shaun's mention of marriage again but wants to prove to Mrs. Evans how much she loves him. She points out a huge tree and wants to surprise his parents with it. If Shaun can't give her a ring, he plans to get Vivian a tree. Shaun takes off. Jessica joins Vivian. The women watch as Shaun and Ford fight over the same tree. They calm the guys down. When Jessica and Ford refuse to sign Shaun's petition he agrees to give them the tree if they do. Jessica and Ford sign then privately admit how much they love the soap. Jessica snaps at Aubrey on their way out. Rama invites Aubrey to spend the holidays with her and Vimal. Aubrey shares that Rex invited her to spend the holidays with him and Shane. She ordered a huge Christmas tree to surprise them with. Rama hears about Aubrey and Rex's kiss. Aubrey hopes when Rex returns, he'll be ready to let Gigi go. Over talk of Kim, Aubrey warns it's possible Kim's back on the streets. Rama refuses to hide from Kim. Kim appears and calls Rama a bitch. Rama lunges after her! Across the square, alone, Shaun takes out Vivian's engagement ring and vows to marry her.

Back at Llanfair, Clint finds Jessica and Ford decorating the tree. They talk about past Christmases.


In Texas, at the suites across from the Bon Jour Café, Gigi opens the door and sees Rex and Shane in the hallway. She listens as they talk about Noelle's pie, honoring Gigi. Cutter sees them and shuts the door. Gigi has a memory of her and Shane being in the suites together years ago. Cutter thinks she's reflecting on being there with Gigi and Shane. "Or," she replies. "I'm really Gigi after all." She demands they find Kim. Gigi wants answers. Cutter admits Kim's in prison. Gigi remembers Kim standing over her in the basement, calling out, "Stacy." Gigi passes out. When she wakes up, Gigi remembers waking up with Kim and tells Cutter. Kim called her Stacy. She wishes she was Gigi, someone who Rex and Shane thought was amazing. Cutter sighs when she accepts being Stacy, the one who wanted to ruin Gigi's life. Cutter assures Gigi that she's a good person. They decide to stay one more night. At her persistence, Cutter holds her.


Inside their room, Rex and Shane talk about celebrating Gigi and moving on. They flip through Christmas movies. Shane comments that they're all about families who are alone. Rex admits he invited Aubrey to spend the holidays with them. Shane senses that Aubrey's becoming important to Rex and assures him it's okay. He wants Rex to be happy. Later, Rex checks in with Aubrey, who promises to have his house in the Christmas spirit. He thanks her, hangs up then looks around the empty room.


Viki and Charlie are stunned to see each other at the Bon Jour Café. He wonders what she's doing working there. They talk about Gigi and Noelle's new pie. Viki offered to help out when the new waitress flew the coop. They catch up over Charlie's new construction firm and how he's rebuilt his life. Charlie apologizes for how things turned out between them. She fills him in on the family back in Llanview. Seeing Viki in the waitress uniform, Charlie wondered if she was running away from her life again. Charlie urges Viki to open up. Viki admits her troubles with Clint and how he kissed her. "Are you still in love with Clint?" Charlie asks and urges Viki not to give up on Clint just because she's afraid of getting hurt again. Like Charlie hurt her. Is Viki going to keep running away from happiness or toward it with Clint?

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd reveals his feelings to Starr.

Things turn from professional to personal between John and Natalie.

Roxy, Shaun and Nigel dwell on the cancellation of "Fraternity Row."

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