My Name's Viki. What Can I Get You?

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Viki puts on a waitress uniform, Tea gets to Todd, and John asks Natalie to stay with him...

My Name's Viki. What Can I Get You? image

At the Bon Jour Café, Gigi, whose back is turned to Rex, hears him ask for a table. She quickly hides, watches as Viki joins Rex then calls Cutter. He stops her from confronting Rex and promises to be right there. At their table, Viki takes in the familiarity of the café. It looks just like it did when Gigi worked there. Viki remembers Charlie and admits she misses him sometimes. Gigi listens as Rex talks about finding Gigi there, years ago, and how he's been seeing Gigi's face. Viki's shocked to hear Stacy's running around with Gigi's face. As Gigi's scolded by another waitress, for hiding out in the kitchen, Cutter appears in the doorway and pays a man to cause a distraction. The man annoys Rex and Viki with his preaching, which gives Cutter time to get Gigi out of the café. The waitress asks if Rex and Viki have seen her new waitress. They haven't, but Viki agrees to help out and is happy to hear her old nametag is still available. Later, Viki approaches the counter, in uniform, and says to someone behind a newspaper, "My name's Viki. What can I get you?" It's Charlie.


Cutter and Gigi pack their things in the motel room across the street. As they prepare to leave, Rex appears outside their door.


Back in Llanview, Tea enters the mansion, glares at Todd and tells Blair she needs to know what John told her about Victor's murder. Todd insists on hearing Tea's news as well. Tea thinks back to John's warning then claims John's going to release to the press that Tomas is guilty. Blair and Todd already know and tell Tea about Tomas' video confession. Tea thinks about John's speculation that Todd is holding Tomas somewhere and claims Tomas was lying. Todd crowds Tea and gets defensive about Tomas' confession. Tea warns Todd to stay away from her and finds out Todd wasn't there when Blair received Tomas' video call. Tea steps away to call John with the latest development. John thinks Todd could've forced Tomas to make the video call. Todd appears. Tea covers and tells John he was right. Tomas killed Victor. She orders John to find and arrest her brother then hangs up. Tea glares at Todd, who apologizes for what she's going through. She goes on a rampage about trust, which chills Todd. A cop arrives to pick up Blair's computer. Tea taunts Todd… Maybe now John can trace Tomas' call and put Victor's killer behind bars. Tea reluctantly leaves when Todd insists he can comfort his ex-wife.


Natalie brings Liam to see John at the station. John's excited to get to keep Liam for the night. He tries to get Natalie to admit what's bothering her, but Natalie simply kisses Liam goodbye then leaves.


Roxy gathers Nigel, Destiny and Shaun in John's room for a meeting to save "Fraternity Row." Everyone asks if John's okay with them using his room. Roxy rants about John and Natalie tiptoeing around their feelings then gives them the lowdown. "What the hell's going on here?" John asks from the doorway. Roxy covers and claims they were talking about a "Fraternity Row" storyline. Destiny holds Liam briefly and realizes she'll have her own baby soon. John asks Roxy to move her meeting somewhere else.


In the living room at Llanfair, Kim has a bone to pick with Clint. He reads Kim's goodbye letter. She denies writing it. Kim reads Clint's goodbye letter. He denies writing it as well. Kim realizes Cutter duped them. Natalie appears and berates Kim. Clint refuses to allow Natalie to trash Kim any further. Natalie takes offense and leaves. Kim admits Cutter's her brother and explains how he framed her for murder. He's stunned to hear Kim's the real Aubrey Wentworth. Kim assures Clint she had nothing to do with Cutter's plan to scam the Buchanans. Clint believes Kim but asks about her friend in the special care facility. Kim confesses. Stacy's still alive and has Gigi's face. Out in the foyer, Nigel arrives and ushers Roxy, Shaun and Destiny into the kitchen to resume their meeting.


Back at his place, John talks to Liam and wonders if maybe Natalie doesn't feel the same way about him anymore. Just as John admits he still loves Natalie, she arrives with Liam's favorite blanket. When she turns to leave, John asks her to stay and spend some time with 'the family'. Natalie thinks John and Liam have a lot of catching up to do and leaves.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Shane senses Aubrey's becoming important to Rex.

Gigi has a memory flash.

Kim wants Clint back.

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