Skype Confession: I Killed Victor.

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Blair is stunned, Clint's surprised Viki's leaving Llanview, and Rex tells Aubrey about his trip...

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Agent Baker, disguised as a janitor, appears in Todd's office. Tomas is still alive and is confessing to Blair as they speak. By the time Tomas is through, no one will know Todd really killed Victor.


Tea appears in John's office. She's going to prove Tomas didn't kill Victor. She asks to act as Claude's lawyer in order to get to the truth. Tea thinks Claude killed Victor. When John won't allow it, Tea asks, "You think Tomas killed Victor?" John stops Tea's rant. He doesn't think Claude killed Victor and thinks Tomas is being framed. Tea realizes John thinks Todd killed Victor. Tea feels sick and cries, "Tomas figured it out." She worries Todd got rid of Tomas and got him away from Blair in the process. In hysterics, Tea demands John tell her what he knows. John thinks Todd is keeping Tomas somewhere, alive. John stops Tea from leaving and convinces her not to say anything to Todd. He needs proof. They'll nail Todd while he has his guard down. John warns if Tea tells Blair, she could confront Todd. Tea worries for Blair's safety and doesn't know if she can stay quiet.


Via Skype, at the mansion, Blair wonders where Tomas is. She begs Tomas to come home because Claude accused him of killing Victor. With a hidden gun pushed in his side, Tomas says he can't come home and confesses, "I killed Victor." Tomas claims he did it to protect Tea and Dani. Blair refuses to believe him. He can't let Blair believe in him any longer and says, "I'm a murderer. I didn't want to hurt you." Blair's devastated and turns away from her laptop. Tomas screams out to her. She looks back at the screen. Tomas asks her to move on. The screen goes blank. Todd appears with the article mock-up on the reward for Tomas. Blair reveals her conversation with Tomas. He confessed. Todd smirks from behind Blair's back. She knows Todd wants to tell her 'he told her so'. Blair beats herself up for trusting Tomas. Todd holds Blair as she cries. He's so sorry things turned out this way for her. Tea appears and asks to talk to Blair, alone.


Baker enters the warehouse where Tomas is being held. His goon assures Baker Tomas' conversation with Blair went as planned. Tomas warns they'll realize he was set up. Baker isn't worried. As long as Blair believed Tomas so will everyone else.


At Llanfair, Viki finishes up a call with Rex. They make plans to meet at the airport and fly to Texas together. After she hangs up, Clint accuses Viki of running away because of Kim. She denies it but claims if Kim appeared, Clint would turn his back on Viki in a heartbeat. They argue the point. Clint warns if Viki leaves she'll be throwing away everything they just got back. Viki refuses to be his consolation prize and asks if he'd be waiting around for Kim had she not sent the letter. Clint can't give her a straight answer and follows Viki out the door. His ankle monitor goes off. Clint kisses Viki and challenges her to tell him what he feels for her isn't real. "Tell it to the police," Viki replies and leaves. Later, Clint answers the door and is stunned to see Kim.


Aubrey finds Rex outside of the diner. She offers to help him find Stacy. Rex declines the offer. He needs to spend some time with Shane and explains their trip and how special Paris, Texas was to all of them. He needs to go back to the diner in order to let Gigi go. Aubrey wishes him luck and says goodbye. Rex stops her from walking away and kisses Aubrey. Aubrey agrees to spend the holidays with Rex and Shane.


In Texas, at the Bon Jour Café, Cutter tries persuading Gigi to leave town. She refuses and feels as though the diner is the key to getting her memory back. "What if I don't want you to get your memory back?" Cutter asks and admits he doesn't want her to leave him for Rex. Gigi feels something for Cutter and won't let how 'Stacy' used to feel for Rex get in the way of what she feels for Cutter. Gigi kisses Cutter, who agrees to stay. He leaves to get them a room across the street and worries how she'll feel when she realizes she's Gigi. Later, Viki and Rex arrive outside and reminisce about Gigi. Rex feels the diner is the right place to say goodbye to her. Viki heads to the motel to get Shane settled and urges Rex to head inside, where Gigi serves a customer at the counter.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Viki puts on a waitress uniform at the Bon Jour Cafe and is stunned to see her next customer.

Tea's comments about Victor's killer chills Todd.

John asks Natalie to stay with him and Liam.

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