Another Mistake With Yet Another Man.

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Blair finds a message, John talks work with Bo, and Rex has news to tell Shane...

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Blair finds Todd writing an article on Tomas at The Sun and thinks he should run a reward announcement. They debate Tomas' innocence. Blair refuses to believe Tomas killed Victor. She can't face making another mistake with yet another man, especially since she chose Tomas over… They argue over Todd's past mistakes and how Blair chose a man who killed Todd's brother over him. Blair screams that Tomas loves her and his family! Later, alone, Todd prepares to publish a reward announcement on Tomas as a way to show he'd do anything for Blair. Todd knows a reward won't matter because they'll never find Tomas.


Outside the mansion, Neela finishes up a call with Shane, promising to see what she can find out from Jack. Jack appears and invites her in. With the recorder in her purse, Neela pushes Jack to talk about how he bullied Shane. After the fire, what did Jack mean that someone could've died again because of him? Jack admits Shane almost committed suicide. If he had, Jack would've blamed himself. That's what he meant. Neela grabs her purse. Jack promises he's not the same guy anymore. Neela knows that and leaves. Later, Blair returns and finds a Skype message from Tomas, who says, "I'm glad I reached you."


Rex finds Shane at the diner. Shane wonders why Rex lied to him about the real reason he went to Rio. Rex admits he saw Gigi again. This time she was real. Shane is stunned to hear that Stacy is alive and running around with his mom's face. He worries about how Rex feels and can't hold back his desperate need for revenge against Jack. Rex urges Shane to let this go, for his own sake. Over talk of Noelle naming her new pie after Gigi, and the pie contest in Paris, Texas, Rex recalls rediscovering Gigi there. Neela appears. After introductions, Rex gives them some time. Neela assures Shane that Jack's sorry for his past behavior. Shane doesn't buy it. Neela agrees to keep trying and leaves. Nearby, Rex recalls running into Gigi in Paris after all of those years apart. He asks Shane if he wants to honor his mom by visiting the Bon Jour Café. Outside, Neela happily accepts another date with Jack and stares through the window at Shane.


Roxy cries to Natalie at the salon over "Fraternity Row's" cancellation. After talk of the storylines that will be left untold, Roxy begs for some good news. Has Natalie told Johnny how she feels? Natalie rants about how John couldn't tell her he loved her and demands Roxy give it a rest. If Natalie won't tell John she wants him back, Roxy will. Natalie tries to stop Roxy, but she vows to save her soap and Natalie's love life.


Bo enters John's office, happy to see him back on the job. They commiserate over getting their sons back. Bo's no longer working but brings up the Victor Lord murder case. Bo wonders if Todd has something on Claude. Why else would Claude want John to believe Tomas is guilty? They agree it's possible that Todd is keeping Tomas somewhere alive. Roxy barges in and tells John, "I need to talk to you. It's a matter of love and death." Natalie appears and privately warns if Roxy tells John anything she'll never see Liam again. Roxy's forced to cover and asks John and Bo for help in saving her soap. Their hands are tied. John wishes Roxy luck in her quest. Roxy thinks John's the one who needs the luck and leaves with Natalie close behind. Bo figured John and Natalie would be back together by now. So did John.

Back at the salon, Roxy orders Natalie to grow up and face her feelings for John.


In uniform at the Bon Jour Café, Gigi continues to experience déjà vu. After she heads to the bathroom a customer approaches Cutter and comments on how much the new waitress reminds him of Gigi Morasco. The man leaves. Cutter knows it's only a matter of time before Gigi realizes the truth. Gigi reappears. Cutter admits he lied about why she couldn't have the surgery and says, "The reason you look like Gigi is because you are Gigi." She laughs and doesn't believe Cutter. He explains how the doctor insisted she never had surgery. She's furious that Cutter lied and takes off to find Rex and Shane. Suddenly, Cutter's thoughts are interrupted by Gigi, who asks, "You said you lied to me. What about?" Cutter backtracks and suggests they start over somewhere else, maybe in Paris, France. Gigi doesn't want to leave but understands if Cutter does. Cutter doesn't want to be anywhere without her.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tea is desperate to talk to Blair.

Clint is surprised to hear Viki is leaving Llanview.

Rex tells Aubrey he and Shane are going to Paris, Texas.

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