Brandon And Brianna Cannot Be Brother And Sister!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Roxy gets cancellation news, Viki and Clint kiss, and Gigi and Cutter visit an important place...

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Viki catches Clint watching the soap opera "Fraternity Row" at Llanfair. He tries to cover but Viki shares his interest. They recall Megan starring in the soap and how Viki once played a nurse. While looking at Megan's awards, and reminiscing about her, Clint gets sentimental about Viki. When Viki can't guess what Clint's feeling, he kisses her. Viki admits a possible kiss has crossed her mind over the past few weeks. Clint's been feeling exactly like he did the first time he fell in love with Viki. Now that Kim's out of his life, he and Viki can stop ignoring their feelings. He reads Kim's goodbye letter. Viki's offended and accuses, "You kissed me because you can't have Kim." They argue. Clint wants to watch the soap together and start over. Viki stomps off.


At the diner, Noelle misses a cup as she pours water, watching her favorite soap. Shane helps Noelle clean up, as she talks about the annual pie contest at the Bon Jour Café. She's leaving for Texas tonight and has a special pie in the oven. When Shane smells smoke, Noelle rushes into the kitchen. Her pie is ruined. Shane isn't sure why Noelle needs another win. Everyone knows she's a great baker. Noelle talks about her new pie and says, "I call it the Gigi Morasco Special." Shane helps Noelle make another pie. They talk about their memories of Gigi and of being at the Bon Jour Café. Shane wishes he could've written a better ending for his mom. He brings up Neela and how she likes Jack. Noelle assures Shane Neela will see through Jack. Later, Viki appears. Noelle wonders what's wrong. "Clint Buchanan," Viki snaps.


Shaun, Destiny, Rama and Roxy gather around the TV at the salon. "Brandon and Brianna cannot be brother and sister!" Shaun rants. Roxy and Shaun argue until Shaun vows to never watch the soap again. Neela arrives and is introduced. She's clearly upset and admits to Rama that rumors claim Jack killed someone. Roxy overhears and confirms. Jack killed Shane's mom. Destiny admits Jack's a bully but respects Neela not wanting to jump to conclusions. Neela runs into Shane outside the salon. Others confirmed Shane's accusations against Jack. She doesn't feel comfortable going out with Jack now. Shane suggests she should go out with him. Back inside, Roxy gets her latest soap magazine and screams. "Fraternity Row" has been cancelled.


Starr sits on Jack at the mansion. She doesn't want to miss her soap and is stunned to hear Jack knows the show. He reminds her that their cousin starred in it. Jack clearly knows the storylines but claims the girls at school make him watch it online. Starr wonders if there's one girl in particular Jack's interested in. Jack worries Shane ruined any chance for him to be with Neela. Starr warns Jack to be safe and not make the same mistakes she did. She urges Jack to be honest about what happened with Gigi. Jack refuses to trust Starr and accuses her of deceiving Dani by sleeping with Nate. Starr snaps. It's a rumor! Jack vows to prove to Neela that he's not the guy people think he is.


Rex and Aubrey wait at the Kentucky jail. When Kim's brought to them, Rex explains her boss at the Spotted Pony led them there. Kim claims she was framed and begs Rex to help her. Rex knows Stacy's alive and wearing Gigi's face. He demands Kim help him find her. Kim will help Rex and Aubrey find Stacy if they get her out of jail and clear her. She reads Clint's goodbye letter. Kim needs to face Clint for blowing her off. She admits Stacy was in the basement when Gigi died. Aubrey warns Rex not to trust Kim. Rex can't resist being able to confront Stacy and agrees to help Kim. Aubrey leaves to find the photo that can clear Kim.


Gigi looks around at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. She feels as though the place is familiar. Cutter can't believe the diner looks exactly like the one in Llanview. A waitress appears and talks about "Fraternity Row." Cutter hushes her! He plans to watch the repeat on SOAPnet later. The waitress continues on about the amnesia storyline and apologizes when she hears Gigi lost her memory. Gigi looks at the waitress' uniform, as well as other trinkets in the diner, and tells Cutter she feels at home. Gigi goes behind the counter to get some ketchup and automatically answers the diner's phone. From the other end of the line, Noelle acts as though she's heard a ghost and asks, "Who is this?" Gigi hangs up and tells Cutter, "I've been to this place before."


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Roxy desperately tries to save something she loves.

Shane plans to get justice for Gigi.

Noelle invites Viki to visit Paris, Texas.

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