She's The Original Gigi Morasco.

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Many head to Dr. Fascinella's office, Neela is stunned, and John finds Claude...

She's The Original Gigi Morasco. image

Cutter and 'Stacy' kiss in their room in Rio. 'Stacy' pulls away but claims she's not thinking about Rex. She hates that she's dragged Cutter into her nightmare. Cutter's glad to be there. 'Stacy' makes him want to do the right thing."I have feelings for you," Cutter confesses. He gets a call that Dr. Fascinella's back.


In their room in Rio, Rex returns Aubrey's kiss then pulls away. Aubrey apologizes for kissing Rex. Though he'll always love Gigi, Rex understands how Aubrey's feeling. He's feeling it too, but isn't ready to be with anyone and says, "But, if I were…"


Dr. Fascinella meets with Cutter and 'Stacy' in one of the exam rooms and wonders if 'Stacy' is upset with the results of her plastic surgery. Cutter explains 'Stacy's' memory loss, but the doctor becomes preoccupied with the opera music playing. He talks about turning someone into Erica Kane then looks behind 'Stacy's' ears. Out in the hall, he privately tells Cutter that 'Stacy' never had plastic surgery by him or anyone else. The woman in the room is the original, Gigi Morasco. Out in the waiting room, Rex and Aubrey, dressed as exterminators, claim they're there on a call. Over talk of bed bugs, the receptionist freaks out and briefly leaves. They dig around in files. When she returns, they claim it was a false alarm and rush off.


Rex and Aubrey return to their room. Rex puts in a disk and is stunned to see Cutter's accomplice. The woman he tried to pass off as Gigi is Stacy!


Dani confronts Jack by his locker with a copy of The Sun. Has Jack changing his mind about Todd now that the cops are looking for Tomas? Jack knows Tomas has an alibi. Dani recalls how Tomas and Claude were trying to get rid of Victor. Jack doesn't know if Tomas would kill his sister's husband. Dani isn't so sure. She urges Jack to give Todd a break. "Don't count on it," he replies. In a classroom, Shane tells Neela that Jack murdered his mom. Jack's father made it so one of Jack's friends went to jail for it. Neela thinks back to Jack setting the fire at The Sun. She asks how Shane's mother died. Shane tells Neela everything. Jack never had to own up to what he'd done. Neela knows a different side of Jack but remembers him saying something about 'the last time' someone got hurt. Shane wonders if Neela knows something. Jack appears.


Tea runs into Shaun at the hospital. She admits she's pregnant. Shaun knows Tea's going through a hard time, especially with the cops thinking Tomas shot Victor. Tea claims Tomas was making some headway in the case. She hasn't seen him since he left to pursue a lead. Tomas has an alibi. He hopes his alibi pans out but admits Victor wasn't fond of Tomas. Shaun's been suspicious of Tomas ever since Victor was first shot. Tea sees the flowers for Vivian. Shaun recalls their fight. Tea urges him to appreciate having Vivian no matter what. Tea wishes she had Victor. Shaun gives Tea the flowers. She thanks him for being a good friend.


Blair throws her phone at the mansion when she gets Tomas' voicemail. Starr appears and shows Blair a copy of The Sun. Blair's furious Todd published that the cops are after Tomas. Blair refuses to believe Tomas killed Victor. Todd left out some importantly details, like how he stole the gun out of Dorian's safe. Tomas has an alibi. Starr reminds Blair of when Tomas lied about another alibi. Blair makes excuses for Tomas. Starr brings up how Tomas and Claude were working together to get rid of Victor. Blair and Starr continuing to argue, heatedly. Blair apologizes for yelling at Starr then leaves. After Dani arrives, a man appears and tells Starr, "You've been served."


At the station, Todd tells his assistant what she told him about Jack giving the staff a day off never happened. He gives her a promotion. Tracey doesn't feel right about lying. John appears. Todd feels as though he has every right to hear John question Tracey about his paper. John allows it and asks Tracey if she noticed anything out of the ordinary at The Sun on the day of the fire. Tracey admits Todd gave everyone the day off. After Tracey leaves, John wonders if Todd started the fire. Todd denies it. His paper is worth a lot of money. Todd wants his employees to like him. He tried to buy their affection. Is that so wrong? Todd suggests John go find Tomas. "We'll find him," John replies. Later, Todd runs into Tea and Blair. Just as Todd claims John doesn't know anything yet, John informs he's found Claude.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd worries when Claude is brought into the station.

Aubrey drops a bombshell on Rex.

Starr's desperate measures might come back to haunt her.

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