Some Jackass Set My Office On Fire.

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Todd discovers something, Shane meets Neela, and two non-couples kiss...

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Jack answers the mansion's door to Todd. They argue about Blair and The Sun. "Some jackass set my office on fire," Todd says. Too bad it didn't stop Todd from releasing a new edition. Jack reads about the evidence against Tomas. Todd wonders if Jack finally believes he's innocent. Jack accuses Todd of framing Tomas. Todd suggests Jack stop blaming him for everything wrong in his life. He wants Jack to work with him at The Sun after school. They can show the person who started the fire they are united. "I wish it had burned to the ground!" Jack screams then leaves.


At Llanfair, Natalie tells Liam that John will always be his dad, but right now she's better off without him. Shane appears. Natalie's happy to hear Shane and Clint have been spending time together. Talk turns to Rex. Shane thinks he went to Rio because of his mom. He wants to punish Jack. Natalie begs Shane, "No more violence." Shane reassures her. Though Gigi would want him to forgive Jack, Shane never will.


Over the phone, John reassures Tea about the case then questions Brody at St. Ann's. Brody apologizes again. John wants Brody to get better but warns he's been implicated in the fire at The Sun. Brody swears on Liam's life that he didn't set the fire. He did lock Vimal in but had no idea the office was going to be set on fire and begs, "Please believe me." John urges Brody to take care of himself and promises to take care of Liam. John runs into Natalie in the hallway. He wants to spend time with her and Liam. John can spend time with Liam, but Natalie can't guarantee she'll be there. She joins Brody, who apologizes for lying. "It's over," she replies. It's not for Brody. He's still in love with her. Brody knew once Natalie found out the truth about Liam things would change. Now she and John can start over. "Maybe not," Natalie says. Brody hands Natalie a note for later then whispers, "Today has to be goodbye." He can't see her anymore and needs to start over. Brody thinks Natalie and John belong together.


Vimal and Rama bring Neela to school. Neela hopes she's in some of Jack's classes. Just as they ask if Neela knows anyone else who could've started the fire at The Sun, Rama and Vimal are called away to John's office. Jack appears. Neela admits her brother just left and is being questioned about the fire. She promises Jack she won't reveal his involvement. Neela heads to class and meets Shane. When he hears Neela's friends with Jack, Shane admits, "Jack Manning murdered my mother." At his locker, Jack looks at the headline about Tomas in The Sun.


At the station, Vimal and Rama ask for John's forgiveness for keeping Liam's paternity from him. John questions them about seeing anyone the day of the fire. They saw Todd's assistant. John's expecting her in for questioning too. Outside his office, Todd runs into his assistant and finds out Jack told the staff to take the day off before the fire was started. Todd realizes Jack set the fire.


In their room in Rio, Rex wakes up from a nightmare and grabs Aubrey, who's standing over him. Rex apologizes then briefly checks in with Shane. Rex tells Aubrey he relived finding Gigi dead through his dream. He gives Aubrey a play-by-play and thanks her for being there with him. They hug. Rex doesn't believe Alex had surgery to look like Gigi and needs to find the woman who did. Later, Aubrey becomes flustered, while on the phone with Rama, when Rex appears in a towel. She hangs up. Rex warns the water is cold. That's okay, Aubrey needs a cold shower. Soon after, Aubrey appears in a towel. After she helps Rex get out of a disguise, Aubrey kisses him.


'Stacy' wakes up in her room in Rio from a nightmare. Cutter rushes to her. 'Stacy' leans her head on his shoulder. In her dream she was locked in a basement and couldn't breathe. It wasn't a dream. Cutter thinks 'Stacy' is starting to get her memory back. He talks about the incident in the basement. 'Stacy' must've been following Gigi in order to take her place. 'Stacy' can't believe she tried to do that to her sister and wants to get her old face back. Cutter's glad they ran into Alex or else Rex could've seen 'Stacy'. She feels bad for Cutter, for Alex abandoning him. Cutter claims she shouldn't. He doesn't have a heart. 'Stacy' knows he does because Aubrey broke it. If Cutter manages to change, he'll credit 'Stacy' for it. Cutter kisses 'Stacy'.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jack begins to second-guess Todd's guilt.

Neela is stunned by what she hears.

Aubrey, Rex, Cutter and 'Stacy' head to Dr. Fascinella's office.

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