Johnny Finally Told You.

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Roxy runs her mouth, Clint and Viki share another close moment, and Todd is questioned...

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At the station, Tea and Blair are stunned to hear Dorian's gun is the murder weapon. John wonders how the gun went from Todd's hands to Tomas' room. At least they have a lead. John plans to talk to Todd.


In the living room at Llanfair, Clint happily tells Natalie about Matthew. Natalie rushes into Clint's arms. They have a lot to celebrate. Roxy appears and sees them interacting. After Clint leaves, Roxy gushes, "Johnny finally told you!" Roxy hears about Matthew and realizes John didn't tell Natalie about his feelings yet. Natalie demands to know what Roxy's keeping from her. Roxy doesn't feel it's her place to tell and says, "Trust me. You want Johnny to tell you that he loves you and he never stopped." Roxy rambles about how Rex wanted her to stay quiet and let Natalie be happy with Brody. Natalie forces Roxy to go over the night when John admitted he still loved her. It happened months ago. Natalie's upset. Roxy reminds her everything's good between her and John now. Right? "No," Natalie replies. "It's not good at all." Roxy defends John's silence. Natalie wishes he would've told her. She may have rethought Brody's proposal. She can't believe John just gave up on her and thinks he still hasn't forgiven her for lying to him about sleeping with Brody. How can they have a future if John can't talk to her? "He's a man of few words and a lot of McLovin'," Roxy replies. After Natalie leaves, Roxy plans to find Viki before 'this whole thing' blows up. In the kitchen, Viki wonders why Todd wants Tomas to be the one who killed Victor. Since he wants Blair back this would work in his favor. Todd can't help that Tomas killed Victor and left town. What is Viki accusing him of? Viki knows how Todd retaliates when he hurts. She takes a call from John then informs Todd he's wanted at the station for questioning. After he leaves, Viki growls with frustration. Clint appears and tells her about Matthew. Viki holds Clint as he cries. Clint and Viki almost kiss. Viki pulls back and rushes off to call Kevin and Joey with the news. Viki returns and confides her troubles over Todd. She doesn't want to think Todd was involved in Tomas' disappearance but tells Clint he's being questioned right now. Cheering Viki up, Clint makes a toast to all they have to be thankful for. Roxy sees them and turns away. She refuses to mess up another couple tonight.


Todd arrives at the station. John wonders how the gun Todd had with him the night of Victor's murder got into Tomas' bedroom. Todd has no idea. He admits he thought about killing Tomas but couldn't do that to Blair, Tea or his kids. Todd hears about the prints on the gun and asks, "Are you saying Tomas killed my brother?" Todd thought Tomas had an alibi. He did. John plans to find Claude. Later, Natalie appears and privately tells John they have nothing to talk about. Their relationship works just fine the way it is. John's confused.


At the mansion, Todd tries to assure Blair Tomas will be okay and holds her close. Blair worries in his arms.


In the special care facility, Destiny tells Matthew he's the father of her baby. Matthew recalls the one time they slept together. Destiny was going to terminate the pregnancy. "I made her change her mind," Nora interrupts. Nora thought the baby was going to be the only part of Matthew left. Matthew takes offense. Now he and Destiny have to be parents because of Nora. "I'm a kid," Matthew snaps. Nora promises to be there for them and even raise the baby if that's what Matthew and Destiny want. He's furious Nora guilted Destiny into having the baby after she'd made a choice. Nora thinks Matthew should've thought about this before they had unprotected sex. She rants about Matthew being irresponsible and wonders why he didn't come to her about Eddie instead of rushing into sex? Matthew knew if he had this is exactly how Nora would've reacted. Nora steps out. Matthew's sorry he wasn't there for Destiny. Now she has to raise a baby she didn't want. Destiny admits she does want their baby. She's had a lot of support from her parents, as well as Matthew's. She wouldn't blame Matthew if he wanted to walk away. Matthew takes her hand and makes it clear how much he still cares about Destiny. She leaves to call her parents and tries to ward off their questions about Matthew's reaction to the baby. Nora joins Matthew. The family is excited to hear Matthew's going to be okay. She apologizes for lecturing him. He apologizes as well.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Shane meets Neela.

Rex and Aubrey kiss, as do another unlikely non-couple.

Todd discovers something about Jack.

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