I'll Probably Never Walk Again.

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Rick makes demands, Blair hears about the gun, and Todd suggests that Tomas killed Victor...

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James, Starr, Dani and Nate begrudgingly stand outside of Rick's hospital room. Nate recalls putting Matthew in the hospital and worries they'll be blamed for Rick's injuries. Starr's sure Rick's exaggerating his condition. They enter the room and are shocked to find Rick in traction. Rick opens his eyes, starts screaming for help and cries, "I'll probably never walk again." He momentarily thinks that could be a good movie title then claims the kids beat him silly back at the mansion. He could even be impotent! Rick wants to call 911 and recants his memory of being beaten. They deny things went down the way Rick remembers. They relay their version and how Rick tripped on one of Hope's toys. Rick threatens to sue Starr. By the time he's done, Rick will own the mansion - and Starr. If they don't want Rick to sue Starr, they better stick to the story that Starr and Nate are sleeping together. Starr reminds him they aren't. "But you will be," Rick replies.


In the special care facility, Matthew wonders if Destiny is pregnant. Nora interrupts and chalks up Destiny's weight gain to nervous eating. Matthew apologizes to Destiny. While the doctor checks on Matthew, out in the hall, Destiny snaps at Nora, "You did not just call me fat!" Nora has to put Matthew's medical needs first. They'll wait until he's stronger to announce the pregnancy. Destiny wonders if Nora's really worried about how Matthew will react when he learns Nora's the reason she's having the baby. Bo agrees with Nora. They need to take things slow. The doctor appears, reports that Matthew's doing fine and suggests they use their judgment when talking about the past six months. Destiny agrees to hold off on the pregnancy news and says, "For the next few days, I'm fat." They rejoin Matthew, who thinks back to Nate punching him and accusing him of killing Eddie Ford. Bo admits Nate fessed up to hitting him. They couldn't press charges because the truth about Eddie would’ve come out. Later, Matthew touches Destiny's stomach by accident and realizes she's really pregnant. He doesn't appear to remember being with Destiny and wonders who the father is. Nora urges Destiny to respond. "You are," Destiny whispers.


At the Manning Estate, John suggests the gun found in Tomas' room could be the one that killed Victor. Tea thinks maybe Tomas found the gun and was keeping it safe. John doubts her theory and plans to have the gun tested. Tea knows Tomas would never kill Victor and insists on going to the station with John.


At the mansion, still in Todd's arms, Blair worries Tomas is dead. When Todd promises he isn't, she pulls back and asks, "What do you know?" Todd covers. Blair appreciates his support. "I care about you," Todd replies. If Blair cares about Tomas, so does Todd. He suggests they get some air, maybe even go to Rodi's then sledding behind the cemetery like they did years ago. Blair remembers, gets flustered and opts to call Tea. Blair tells Todd they found a possible murder weapon. Todd acts surprised. As Blair heads toward the door, Todd calls out, "Blair, I hope they find him." He privately celebrates that they won't.


Still at Llanfair, Viki can't believe Natalie is insinuating that Todd could be involved in Tomas' disappearance. Natalie reminds Viki of the timing and the fact that Todd is jealous. She apologizes but wants Viki to be prepared, just in case. Natalie gets a call from John and reports he may have found the murder weapon. Later, when Todd returns, Viki questions where he tore off to. Todd brings up the gun. Viki knows but finds it hard to believe Tomas had it. Todd suggests Tomas killed Victor.


At the station, John hands the gun to Natalie for testing and says, "We still need to talk." Natalie agrees. John joins Tea and asks about her bracelet. Tomas gave it to her to protect the baby. She's pregnant. John's happy for her. Tomas promised Tea he was going to find out who killed Victor. "Maybe he did," John replies. Blair appears and urges John to get back on the case. John's not officially back to work but leaves to find out what's going on. When John returns he relays that Tomas has officially been filed as missing. Natalie appears. The gun matches the bullet that killed Victor and it contained Tomas' fingerprint. Suddenly, another report comes in. The gun wasn't Tomas'. It belongs to Dorian. It's the one Todd stole.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Clint and Viki share another close moment.

Viki questions Todd in regards to Victor's murder.

Roxy runs her mouth.

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