It's Peaceful Here.

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Bo and Nora sit at Matthew's bedside, Jessica receives an apology, and someone dies...

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Still unconscious in the special care facility, Matthew watches over everyone in Llanview as if he's right there with them and says, "Where would we be without family today?"

Bo and Nora arrive and go to Matthew's bedside. Bo talks about being fired and how Nora opened a can of whoop ass on Mayor Finn. Nora worries her slap will cause the mayor to end up like Matthew, wherever his mind is. Matthew knows his parents couldn't possibility know where he is, but he feels at peace. Nora calls Mayor Finn, suggests she go get checked out by a doctor then says, "And go to hell for firing my husband." Bo takes a call from David. Matthew silently pleads to hear David's voice. Bo puts the phone to Matthew's ear. Nora recalls how the last time Matthew woke up, it was to David's voice. It doesn't work this time. As Nora and Bo grieve their son's condition, Matthew promises to take what David told him to his grave. Bo and Nora make a toast to their family. As long as Matthew's still breathing, there's hope he'll come back to them. Matthew loves his parents and wishes he hadn't taken the Ford brothers' dad from them.


Jessica waits with Bree and Ryder at Ford's while he takes a shower. Bree questions why Jessica was kissing Bobby. Ford reappears and gets permission from Bree to keep seeing her mom. Bree wonders if Jessica is still mad at Aunt Natalie. Matthew listens from somewhere and recalls his cousins' issues.


At Llanfair, while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, Viki and Shane talk about Gigi. Watching over them, Matthew wishes he could've helped Shane when he was bullied. Roxy and Nigel appear. Clint shows up next. Matthew expresses his thanks for how Clint tried to cover for him and wonders how Roxy's going to get out of slipping that Rex is still in Rio. Roxy manages to elude Shane's questions then admits to Nigel that Rex thought he saw Gigi. "I think Rex is going all ghost on us," Roxy says. From where Matthew is, he sees things quite differently. Viki interrupts John and Natalie, just as they're discussing what's happened. Clint and Viki coo over Liam. Jessica, Ford and the kids appear. Viki clears the room and leaves Natalie and Jessica alone. Matthew muses from afar that Aunt Viki should be hired as a negotiator. Natalie apologizes to Jessica for not believing her. Can she forgive her? Jessica admits Brody was a big reason why she didn't come forward sooner. They talk about Brody. Later, Jessica expresses to Ford how worried she is for Brody. They met at St. Ann's. He's all alone. Ford suggests she go visit him. In another room, Natalie admits to Viki that things are still up in the air with Jessica and John. Viki reminds her of everything they have to be grateful for. Clint joins Shane on the staircase and wonders what's bothering him. Shane knows Roxy lied to him about his dad. He thinks his dad is chasing his mom's ghost. Clint admits, "We Buchanans are stubborn." Matthew interjects from beyond, "You can say that again." Clint knows Shane and Rex are trying to find their way through their grief. Clint admits he's seen Shane's drawings and apologizes for not doing right by Shane and Rex. Viki listens as Clint promises to do better and be worthy of Rex, Shane and Gigi's heart. Matthew telepathically urges Shane to trust Clint. Nearby, Roxy joins John and Liam. How did Natalie react when John told her he loved her? John admits he didn't tell Natalie. Roxy orders John to go tell Natalie now! John snaps, "It's not that simple." Viki calls everyone for dinner. She welcomes Ford to the gathering, John to the family and thanks Nigel for risking his safety for Liam. Shane and Roxy are welcomed next. Viki misses Victor, Tina, Cord, her children who aren't there and wonders why Todd is late. After a remembrance for Gigi, everyone toasts to a Happy Thanksgiving. While Clint and Viki break the wishbone, John approaches Natalie. He has something to say.


Brody's brought to St. Ann's. Matthew's sorrow for Brody is heard. A nun remembers Brody, as does a resident who was there from before. The girl talks about seeing Jessica return too, until Robert Ford broke her out. As the girl taunts Brody, Jessica appears and scares her off. Brody laughs and wonders why Jessica is there. She was thinking about them being scared at St. Ann's together three years ago and didn't want him to be alone. Later, Roxy brings Shane to visit Brody.


Jessica meets Ford and Ryder at his apartment and falls into his arms. Matthew watches and wishes he could stick around to see what happens with them.


Back in Matthew's room, Matthew marks today as the day he died… Bo and Nora gasp as Matthew flatlines.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday an encore of the September 2, 2011: Oh My God, Cutter episode will air today.

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