Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

An affair surrounds Nate and Starr, Rex runs into Alex, and Bo is reminded of an agreement ...

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Blair arrives at the Manning Estate. Tomas isn't there. Tea explains, "He's chasing Victor's killer." After talk of Tomas' secrecy where the case is concerned, Tea brings up how her brother spent the night with Blair. Tea respects Blair but wants to make sure Tomas is really who she wants. She believes Blair loves Tomas but says, "Admit you love Todd too." Though Blair did love Todd for a longtime, she promises Tomas holds her heart. Blair wants a new beginning. Tea also doesn't want Tomas to hurt Blair and wishes she could trust her brother. Dani answers the door to Nate who says, "This is not my fault. Don't kill me." Nate shows Dani an online article about him and Starr, reading, 'Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down'. They know Rick's behind it.


James arrives at the mansion, furious. He shows Starr the online article. Starr reads the article, which claims Starr and Nate are having an affair. James knows it's not real but still feels like a jerk. They vow to kill Rick for his publicity stunt. Rick appears and admits he's responsible. Dani and Nate rush in. Rick suggests Dani and Nate break up over the article. Everyone objects, as Rick explains how people crave a story. Maybe Starr should fake a breakdown! Starr acts as though she's onboard and hands everyone something to hit Rick with. They all go on the attack, as Rick runs away screaming, "Please don't hurt me!"


At the warehouse, Tomas denies killing Victor. Todd plans to put Tomas' fingerprints on his gun. Tomas aims his own gun on Todd and refuses to go down for his crime. If Todd wants him gone, Tomas tempts him to shoot him. Todd promised himself he wouldn't kill Tomas. "But I will," Baker says, aiming a gun, from behind Tomas. Todd assures Tomas that Baker won't kill him. Tomas isn't so sure but is forced to hand over his gun. Baker knocks Tomas over the head. When he comes to, Tomas warns if he disappears his partner, who knows everything, will go to the police. Todd and Baker already took care of Claude. If Tomas listens to their orders, Claude won't get hurt. They put Tomas' fingerprints on the gun. Tomas warns Todd's guilt will haunt him and urges him to make the right decision.


Just as Nora tells Bo that Liam is back safe and sound, Mayor Finn enters his office. She taunts Nora about keeping her business and personal lives separate then fires Bo. She sees how Bo and Nora placed fries on her photo in the newspaper to make it appear as though she had a mustache. Mayor Finn rants about Bo not making an arrest in the Victor Lord murder case. If Bo makes an arrest, Mayor Finn will support him again. Bo has a suspect but can't make a hasty arrest. Nora thinks she's firing Bo out of jealousy. After the women engage in name-calling, Mayor Finn slaps Nora. Nora slaps her back. Mayor Finn promises to return for Bo's badge then storms off. Bo knows all good things come to an end. He packs his things, takes Nora's hand and leaves his office. His officers salute him on his way out of the station. Later, Mayor Finn returns and sees Bo's badge and gun.


In Rio, Aubrey tries distracting Dr. Fascinella's receptionist, claiming she wants to surprise her boyfriend with some new boobs. The woman catches Rex trying to break into the exam room and runs to find security. Just as Rex is about to break down the door, wanting to see who Cutter's hiding inside, Cutter appears with a woman in a wheelchair. Her face is wrapped in bandages. Rex and Aubrey fill Cutter in on their theories on how he snagged a Gigi lookalike. Aubrey unwraps the woman's bandages. Rex is stunned to see Alex. 'Stacy' listens from the other room, as Cutter admits Alex is his phantom Gigi. Alex read about Cutter and Aubrey's initial scam, tracked him down and teamed up with Cutter. She wanted her share of the Buchanan money. Aubrey doesn't think Rex would've mistaken Alex for Gigi. Rex remembers hearing about Dr. Fascinella making someone look like Pine Valley's Erica Kane. The doctor's ahead of his time. It's possible he thought Alex was Gigi. 'Stacy' hears how upset Rex is, talking about how he's chased Gigi long enough. Security appears and drags Aubrey and Rex away. Alex was glad to help Cutter. She hopes they see each other again one day. Out in the hallway, Rex tells Aubrey he's convinced that the Gigi lookalike wasn't Alex and is still in the building.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Someone dies.

Jessica receives a surprising apology.

Viki witnesses a moment between Clint and Shane.

Bo and Nora celebrate Thanksgiving at Matthew's bedside.

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