No One's Going To Take My Son.

Monday, November 21st, 2011

John and Natalie are faced with a loaded gun, Rex has a realization, and Tomas is taken by surprise...

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Brody, who's holding Liam, is stunned to see John and Natalie at the house in Michigan. John orders Brody to give them back the baby. "No one's going to take my son away from me," Brody replies and aims a gun at John and Natalie. John slowly puts down his gun and asks Brody to do the same. Brody puts down his gun but refuses to hand over Liam. He explains how he found out that Liam wasn't his and how he wanted to keep Victor's mouth shut. Brody didn't know if he was going to kill Victor that night or if Todd was going to do it for him. Natalie doesn't think Brody was capable of killing Victor. Brody thanks her and agrees. He couldn't take Victor away from his kids and chose to live with the lie. Brody hopes Nigel's okay and says, "You must think I'm a monster." Natalie doesn't, considering she lied too. She knows Brody's a good father. He's been hurt, but they can get past this. Brody wonders if John can forgive him. He calls John a friend, one he lied to. John knows Brody already loved Liam when he found out the truth. He recalls losing Liam himself and knows what Brody is going through. Brody's lost Shane, Ryder and now Liam. "I never should've done this to you, Liam," Brody cries and vows to always love him. He hands Liam to John and says, "John's your father."


Tomas thought he was meeting Louie in the warehouse and wonders what Todd's doing there. He accuses Todd of killing Victor and brings up the gun Louie had. Todd pulls out the gun and asks, "Is this the gun you're talking about?" Tomas recalls how Todd said the gun had never been fired. If that's true, why didn't Todd turn it in? Todd wishes Tomas would just let it go. Tomas promised Tea he'd find Victor's killer. Todd accuses Tomas of wanting Blair for himself. He orders Tomas off the case. No one else thinks Todd killed Victor. Tomas is the only person who's a thorn in Todd's side. After what Todd's gone through, Tomas thinks everyone will forgive him. "I didn't kill Victor," Todd states. Someone may have used the gun to kill Victor, but it wasn't him. Todd accuses Tomas of killing Victor.


Dani rants about Jack at the Manning Estate. Tea confesses that Dani might have another brother. Dani can't believe Tea's pregnant and questions if she's been seeing someone. Tea admits the baby is Victor's. Dani holds Tea close. Tea's glad a part of Victor came back to her. She wishes Victor was there to help raise the baby. Dani promises to be there for Tea and her new sibling. She makes Tea a snack. Over talk of Jack and Todd, Tea admits Tomas has a lead on Victor's killer. They agree once Victor's killer is found, they'll all be able to rest easy.


At the mansion, Blair tells Dorian, over the phone, that she's with Tomas. Starr overhears and demands an explanation. Blair hangs up and recants how Todd's latest fit of rage made her realize she can't live that way anymore. She's with Tomas now. Starr wonders if she loves Tomas more than she loves Todd. Blair needs someone who's going to always be there for her. Starr reminds Blair she didn't answer her question. Blair admits she loves Todd and wants to work on repairing Jack and Todd's relationship. Jack definitely doesn't want Blair with Todd. She wants to be with Tomas and asks if Starr can be happy for her. Starr can. She hugs her mother.


Rex and Aubrey enter Dr. Fascinella's office in Rio. They show the receptionist a photo of Cutter and Gigi. The woman refuses to break anyone's confidence. When Rex and Aubrey hear they're in a plastic surgeon's office, Rex thinks Cutter's accomplice was made to look like Gigi. Aubrey wonders if Cutter brought her back there to change her face back. Rex realizes he wasn't losing his mind, even if the woman he was seeing wasn't Gigi. He's glad Aubrey is there. In another room, 'Stacy' screams for Cutter to stop strangling Alex. Cutter thinks Alex deserves to die but lets her go for 'Stacy's' sake. Alex thanks 'Stacy', who says, "I did it for him." Alex doesn't understand Cutter's animosity and promises to make things up to him. Cutter doubts it. When they open the door to return to the waiting area, they see Rex and Aubrey. They close the door. Alex admits she knows and dislikes Rex. Cutter orders Alex to help him and 'Stacy' get out of there without Rex seeing them.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex runs into Alex.

A possible affair surrounds Nate and Starr.

Bo is reminded of his agreement with Mayor Finn.

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