At Warehouse 22 By The Docks.

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Agent Baker and Todd set their plan into motion, Aubrey and Rex head to Rio, and Cutter is stunned...

At Warehouse 22 By The Docks. image

Tea approaches Tomas, on the phone with Claude, at the Manning Estate. He hangs up. She thinks he was talking to Blair and saw that his bed wasn't slept in. Tomas admits he was with Blair last night. She chose him. Tea worries Todd will retaliate. Poor guy hasn't gotten over Blair yet. Tomas doesn't think Tea should feel sorry for Todd. "What's that supposed to mean?" Tea asks. Tomas tip-toes around the question and promises to find Victor's killer. He's happy to hear Tea's pregnant. Later, he gives Tea his baby bracelet. It brought him luck. Tomas wants Tea's baby to have it. Tea talks to her baby about what Victor would've said about a good luck charm. He would've thought having him as a father would've been luck enough.


Todd meets Baker on the docks. Baker has a plan already in motion to get Tomas out of the way. Todd doesn't want Tomas dead. Baker knows and assures Todd Tomas won't be a problem much longer. He arranged for Tomas' good friend Claude to lure him to them. Todd wonders why Claude would help them. Baker's men appear with Claude, who clearly doesn't have a choice but to co-operate. Claude is ordered to call Tomas. He tells Tomas he needs to meet him at Warehouse 22. Claude tries to warn Tomas but the phone is taken from him. He warns Todd that Tomas knows he killed his brother. Later, Tomas appears and faces Todd.


In his office, John and Natalie look into Brody's bank account, where a ton of money is missing. He used it to pay off his parents' house in Michigan. Over talk of Brody's sister, John recalls Brody feeling bad about Nadine's financial problems. He thinks Brody's hiding out with Liam in Michigan. John and Natalie leave.


Later, on a plane to Michigan, Natalie admits that she had a dream that John was Liam's father. John thinks the truth was buried in her memory from when she heard Marty's taped confession. He takes Natalie's hand and promises they're going to get their little boy back.


Brody enters his childhood home in Michigan and says to Liam, "It's where we're going to start our new life." He knows Liam misses Natalie. He does too. Brody doesn't think the paternity test means anything. He's Liam's father. Brody catches movement from the corner of his eye, turns and stops his sister from hitting him with a frying pan. Nadine didn't know it was him. They catch up. Nadine thanks Brody for paying off the house. She was just released from prison and wonders where Brody's wife is. Brody makes excuses, but Nadine asks, "What aren't you telling me?" When a cop bangs on the door, Brody begs Nadine to cover for him and hides. Nadine opens the door. A cop shows her a photo of Brody, Natalie and Liam. She denies having seen Brody. After the cop leaves, Brody thanks Nadine, who asks, "How could you kidnap your own son?" Brody pleads his case and agrees to leave. He doesn't want Nadine to get in trouble. She heads out the door and says, "You better be gone when I get back." Later, Brody opens the door to leave and is face to face with John and Natalie.


On a plane to Rio, Rex tells Aubrey how much he appreciates her going with him. Aubrey calls Rex her friend. Rex confides how he's been seeing Gigi and getting messages from her. Aubrey doesn't think he's crazy but is worried about him. They hope to find out, in Rio, how Cutter's accomplice could look like Gigi. Aubrey finds a deck of cards and attempts to distract Rex.


In Dr. Fascinella's office in Rio, 'Stacy' is stunned to hear Alex is Cutter's mother. Alex starts for the door. Cutter stops her and says, "You're not going anywhere." Alex wonders who he is. "I'm your son," Cutter replies. Alex doesn't think she could have a son as old as Cutter and calls him 'hot stuff'. Cutter brings up Aubrey and how Alex robbed their father. She denies it but reacts when Cutter talks about his father's suicide. She apologizes and says, "It's been a longtime." Cutter berates Alex for leaving them all. Alex knows she wasn't much of a mother and claims she's been through hell too. She thinks Cutter and Aubrey were better off without her. He wants to hear Alex's story and suggests they go somewhere private. They go into a private room. Cutter puts his hands around Alex's neck and starts strangling her. Rex and Aubrey arrive outside Dr. Fascinella's office, desperate to find out why Cutter would bring his accomplice there.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

John and Natalie are faced with a loaded gun.

Todd goes the extra mile to get back what he lost.

Tomas is taken by surprise.

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