That Woman Is My Mom.

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Cutter sees someone familiar, Aubrey worries about Rex, Jessica feels guilty...

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'Stacy' and Cutter arrive at Dr. Fascinella’s office in Rio. "I'm going to get my old face back," 'Stacy' says. Cutter reminds her she was there once before. Does the place look familiar? It doesn't. A receptionist appears. 'Stacy' gives her name. The woman pulls up her file and remarks on the amazing transformation the doctor did. While they wait, Alex appears. She insists on seeing the doctor and tells Cutter and 'Stacy', "Look what that butcher did to my face." 'Stacy' can't see anything, but Alex thinks her boyfriend notices. He's speechless and is staring. As Alex rants at a nurse, and reveals her full name, Cutter confides to 'Stacy' and realizes Alex is his mom.


Back in Llanview, Jessica finds Ford cooking breakfast in his kitchen. He wonders if she regrets their night together. Jessica doesn't and kisses him good morning. When Jessica turns her cell on, she's stunned by all of the messages from Viki. She calls her mother and hears Liam's been kidnapped. Ford can't believe Brody's known about Liam's paternity for a longtime. Jessica feels horrible for not coming forward sooner and talks about meeting Brody in St. Ann's. She should've known something was going on with him. Ford assures Jessica this isn't her fault and vows to be there for her. Jessica and Ryder mean the world to him.


Rex arrives at the station, looks at his ticket to Rio then enters John's office. After he relays his conversation with Brody, John and Natalie wonder why security was after Rex. He brings up Gigi. After John steps out, Rex admits to Natalie that the woman he saw looked just like Gigi. He wants to stay and help with the search, but Natalie insists he deal with his past. Later, John and Natalie get a tip and head out. They return soon after, upset over the failed tip. John promises he'll find Liam. While looking at the computer, John thinks he knows where Brody took Liam.


Aubrey picks up Shane from the airport. He wonders where Rex is. Aubrey's forced to admit Rex is talking to John and Natalie. Liam's been kidnapped by Brody. Shane shares how Brody kidnapped him once too. Rex was shot in the crossfire. He thinks Brody's PTSD came back. Rex appears. He has to go out of town and privately tells Aubrey about Cutter and the Gigi lookalike. After Aubrey and Shane leave, Rex prepares to board the plane to Rio.


Clint stands over Liam's crib in his nursery, praying he'll get home safe. He sees Viki in the doorway holding a baby. "Liam?" Clint asks. It's Ryder. Clint holds his grandson, as he and Viki rehash what happened. Viki doesn't think Brody would hurt Liam. Clint isn't so sure. Downstairs, Roxy hands Nigel some aspirin and helps herself to a few as well. She's impressed with how Nigel went up against Brody and his secret Seal moves. Roxy knows Johnny will stop at nothing to bring Liam home. Changing the subject, Nigel brings up their past affair. Roxy remembers how they sizzled. She's always thought a lot of Nigel and always will, especially after what he did for Liam. Viki and Clint appear. Nigel tries to get up to make breakfast. Clint insists he lay down, calls him a member of the family and says, "We just let you carry a tray around to humor you." Over talk of Natalie, Roxy comforts Viki and says, "Between you and me, I think we made a good kid." Jessica and Ford arrive, get caught up then go upstairs to see Ryder. Roxy notices Jessica had on the same clothes from yesterday and tells Viki and Clint she was doing the walk of shame. Aubrey drops off Shane. Roxy flips out when she hears Aubrey let Rex go chasing after a ghost on his own. Later, Clint approaches Shane, who calls him Mr. Buchanan. Clint asks him to call him Grandpa or Clint. Viki watches as Clint and Shane share a civil conversation. Upstairs, holding Ryder, Jessica can't imagine what Natalie's going through.


Aubrey rushes to the airport before Rex gets on the plane. He's surprised that she's going with him.


Shaun sits with Destiny at the hospital and replaces her unhealthy breakfast with something nutritious. She's offended when Shaun warns, "You have to think about the baby." He apologizes for how his words came across. Destiny admits she's scared. Shaun promises the family will get Destiny through this. They head into the Lamaze class. After class, Destiny laughs because Shaun's out of breath. They head out to grab some food.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tea shares her pregnancy news with Tomas.

Agent Baker and Todd set their plan into motion.

Aubrey and Rex set out for Rio.

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