I Can't Lose Gigi Again!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Rex and 'Stacy' lock eyes, Todd meets with Agent Baker, and John and Natalie have to act fast...

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Neela glances at Jack when a fireman tells Vimal and Rama that someone set the fire at The Sun. The fireman praises Jack for saving everyone but wonders why he was in the building. Neela covers. Jack brought her there to see Vimal. After the kids are asked to stand outside, the fireman admits someone locked Vimal and Rama in the office before starting the fire. Rama doesn't know anyone who'd want to hurt them. Vimal does. Out in the hallway, Jack wonders why Neela lied to the fireman. She couldn't tell him that Jack started the fire. Jack admits it. He didn’t know anyone one was there. Jack couldn't let them get hurt, not like last time. Vimal and Rama appear. They think a police officer locked them in the office. Vimal promises Neela he'll talk to their parents. Neela can stay with them. Jack overhears the fireman trying to get a hold of Todd.


Rex and 'Stacy' lock eyes at the airport. "It's you," Rex gasps. 'Stacy' rushes off to board the plane, leaving Rex banging on the locked door. Rex orders a woman to unlock the door. He has to get on the plane and screams, "I can't lose Gigi again!" In another area, Brody appears and inquires about changing his honeymoon tickets from Greece to Australia. There's a layover at LAX. A fellow LPD officer overhears and approaches them. He thought Brody and Natalie were going on a honeymoon to Greece. Brody claims there's been a change of plans and that Natalie's in the bathroom. A security call comes in, involving Rex. Brody's forced to help his fellow officer and hands Liam over to an airport worker. Brody prevents Rex from being arrested. Rex begs Brody to help him get on the plane. Gigi's on it! Brody warns Rex to take it easy or the other cop will arrest him. After Brody leaves, Rex sighs. He lost Gigi again. Rex apologizes to the airport worker and talks about the fiancée he lost. He finds out that the plane 'Stacy' boarded was headed to Rio and buys a ticket on the next flight that leaves in the morning. A worker sees Brody and an Amber Alert involving him. Brody sees it too and rushes off.


On the plane, 'Stacy' tells Cutter about running into Rex. They down a few drinks. Cutter knows everything about 'Stacy'. She wants to know about him. He talks about his parents, Billy Jo and Alexandria. His mom cleaned his rich father out and took off. His dad couldn't find her and gave up on life. Cutter found him dead. He and his sister were sent away then reunited in later years. 'Stacy' offers to be there for Cutter. He doesn't feel comfortable counting on anyone these days. If he ever found his mother, he'd ring her neck. Cutter urges 'Stacy' to rest up before her surgery.


John and Natalie panic when they find Liam's nursery empty. Natalie reports Liam's kidnapping. Nigel wakes up and tells them Brody attacked him. He explains the encounter with Brody and feels as though he failed them. Nigel hears that Liam is John's son. While John calls the station, Nigel comforts Natalie. John relays what he found out. Brody started a fire at The Sun to keep Vimal quiet. Vimal knew the truth. Word comes that Brody was spotted at the airport. John and Natalie take off.


When John and Natalie arrive at the airport, the LPD officer admits Brody bought a ticket to Australia. Nearby, Brody tells Liam Australia will have to wait and walks off.


On the floor of her bedroom, Tomas and Blair bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Blair has no regrets. As Blair leaves to get them a snack, Claude calls Tomas. Over talk of proving Todd killed Victor, Blair returns. Tomas hangs up and admits Claude's helping him with Victor's murder case. She wants details but agrees to trust Tomas. While she sleeps, Tomas wonders how he'll tell Blair Todd killed Victor.


Todd stands on the docks, thinking about Blair and Tomas. Agent Baker appears and jabs a gun in his side. Todd reminds Baker if he kills him he won't get the other half of their deal. Baker doesn't come cheap and warns Todd better hurry up. Tomas has been asking questions about Todd and the night Victor died. Todd wants Baker to take care of Tomas for going after Blair. He opens a briefcase and shows Baker what Tomas is after, the gun. Baker realizes Todd killed Victor. When Todd hands over the briefcase full of money, Baker agrees to kill Tomas. Todd doesn't want any more blood on his hands. Baker promises soon Tomas will be a bad memory.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Everyone rallies to support Natalie.

Jessica feels guilty for not coming forward about Liam's paternity sooner.

Aubrey worries that Rex has fallen prey to Cutter's latest stunt.

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