I Can't Hold My Peace Anymore.

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Natalie and Brody's wedding is interrupted, John says goodbye to Liam, and Cutter stops 'Stacy' from leaving...

I Can't Hold My Peace Anymore. image

John ignores his ringing phone and leaves the Angels Square Hotel.


At Ford's, Jessica's upset that she couldn't get a hold of John. Ford suggests they go to Llanfair, get a DNA sample from Liam and settle the paternity issue once and for all. Jessica knows they don't have enough time. By the time they get the truth, Natalie will be Mrs. Brody Lovett. She thanks Ford for standing by her and all of the craziness surrounding her family. Ford admires Jessica's strength. Jessica doesn't think she could've handled any of it without Ford. She takes Ford's hand. He's the only friend Jessica has. Jessica thinks it's time she went home. "Don't go," Ford says and kisses Jessica.


David Vickers the dog goes to Liam's nursery at Llanfair. She orders 'chubby cheeks' to hand over the paternity results. Liam objects and thinks Brody's a good guy. With a little more convincing from Tina's dog, Liam hands over the paper. Tina appears, finds the paper, reads it then gasps. It's the test Jessica was trying to tell Natalie about. John is Liam's father. Tina doesn't want to ruin the wedding but wonders what to do. Later, John appears in Liam's darkened room. He tells Liam he used to be his dad for about five minutes and came to say goodbye. As John does so, Nigel appears and orders him to step away from the crib. John convinces Nigel to give him a few more minutes. Nigel apologizes for how things turned out. He always thought John and Natalie were a good couple. Nigel gives John some time alone. John says a final goodbye to Liam and leaves.


The ceremony gets underway at the church. When asked if anyone can show just cause why Brody and Natalie shouldn't lawfully wed, Roxy thinks back to John admitting he loves Natalie and orders, "Stop! I can't hold my peace anymore." Rex glares at her. Roxy remembers Rex demanding that she let Natalie be happy with Brody. Roxy covers. The ceremony continues. Natalie recalls Jessica telling her that John is Liam's father. Brody interrupts her thoughts and wonders if Natalie's okay. Natalie apologizes and urges the priest to continue. Brody takes his vows. As Natalie is instructed to recite hers, Tina appears with her dog and calls out, "Stop! Are we too late?" She walks up the aisle, ignoring everyone who asks her to stop, and hands Natalie Liam's paternity results. "Oh my God," Natalie says. "John is Liam's father." Brody stands there silent, as Natalie admits Jessica tried to tell her. Brody thinks Victor forged the results to hurt John. Natalie can't ignore it and plans to get Liam retested. "Over my dead body," Brody replies. Clint sides with Natalie, and Bo offers to set up the test. Though Viki thinks Victor could've done what Brody suggests, Natalie thinks back to finding out that Brody threatened Victor. "You knew," Natalie accuses Brody. "You knew John was Liam's father." Brody denies it, but Natalie lashes out at him. She demands the truth! "Yes," Brody admits. "I knew." Everyone is stunned. Brody found out through Marty's taped session. Marty changed Liam's results. Natalie realizes it was the tape Gigi had. Roxy gave it to Gigi. She cries, devastated that Brody's known the truth since Gigi died. Rex stares off, feelings his own devastation resurface. Brody tries justifying his actions… They were there for each other after they lost the people they loved. Brody loves Natalie and Liam and doesn't want to lose his family. They can still get married! Natalie refuses him. It's over. She hands Brody back his ring. Brody rushes off. Natalie panics, realizing John is leaving for Seattle today.


Brody enters Liam's nursery at Llanfair. He lost Natalie but refuses to lose Liam.


Cutter finds 'Stacy' trying to buy a ticket to Rio with his credit card. She desperately needs to return and have her face restored to its original look. Cutter takes his card back and tries talking her out of getting the plastic surgery. She hates looking like Gigi and doesn't want to hurt Gigi's son. If she gets the surgery, she'll be able to look in the mirror and remember something. Then she can confess to Rex what she had planned to do. If Cutter won't help her, 'Stacy' will find a way on her own. He finally agrees to allow 'Stacy' to use his credit card if she lets him go to Rio with her. Across the airport, John appears and gets ready to board his flight to Seattle.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

A couple says their 'I dos'.

John finds out that Liam is his son.

Rex is faced with the woman he thought he lost.

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