What Jessica Said Is True, You Nitwits!

Friday, November 11th, 2011

David Vickers the dog speaks, Roxy bangs on John's door, and Shaun's surprised with Vivian's stance on marriage...

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Natalie finds Tina at her loft. She thought Natalie was going to miss the most important day of her life. Natalie's upset over saying goodbye to John and thinks he's moving because of her. Though Natalie shouldn't care, the thought of John being gone for good is overwhelming. Tina suggests she call off the wedding. Natalie doesn't want that and rants over what Jessica told her about Liam. David Vickers the dog barks continuously and in his private doggy voice says, "What Jessica said is true, you nitwits. John McBain is Liam's father. Read my lips!" Tina thinks her dog's upset because Natalie's getting all of the attention today. David Vickers plans to prove the truth and runs out the door. Tina notices she's gone and worries. When the limo arrives, Natalie insists that Tina stay behind and look for her dog. Tina reminds Natalie to say Brody's name when she takes her vows. After Natalie leaves, Tina pleads for David Vickers to come back.


At Ford's apartment, Jessica admits Brody called her crazy. Jessica recalls how Natalie reacted to what she said about Liam. She wonders what Tina's dog did with the paternity results. Ford's furious with Brody for messing with Jessica's head and assures her she isn't crazy. He suggests Jessica tell John the truth. He deserves to know. Jessica takes out her phone.


Roxy bangs on John's door, threatening to break it down. He appears behind her in the hallway. Roxy's going to give John the chance to tell Natalie she's marrying the wrong guy and asks, "Do you want to be my date to Natty's wedding?" She's stunned to hear John's leaving town and said goodbye to Natalie without telling her how he feels. John reminds Roxy that Natalie's marrying someone else. He doesn't have a right to interfere! Roxy knows John's going to hate the rain in Seattle and makes a toast, "To you and Seattle, to hating it and turning around and coming right back." Though Roxy wants the best for John, he'll never find anyone as good as Natalie. After Roxy leaves, John thinks back to when everyone thought Liam was his son. As John's walking out the door, the phone rings.


Rex arrives at Llanfair. Viki watches as Clint asks Rex to walk Natalie down the aisle in his place. Viki joins them. Clint's request won't be necessary. She reads an email from Dorian. Though Dorian doesn't care for Clint, she made it possible that Clint can attend Natalie's wedding. Everyone's ecstatic. Before Rex leaves, Clint thanks 'his son' for stopping by. In the living room, Cord finds Brody looking for Tina's dog. Brody covers, not wanting Cord to know he's really after Liam's paternity results. Cord wonders if Brody's having wedding jitters. He's not and has waited for this day for a longtime. Viki appears and shares Clint's news. Privately, Viki praises Brody on what a good husband and father he will always be. After Clint's ankle monitor has been reset, he profusely thanks Viki. They all leave for the wedding. David Vickers arrives and races up the stairs for the paternity results. She hopes she's not too late.


At Ultra Violet, Vivian spits out her drink when Shaun brings up marriage. If Shaun were to propose, what would she say? "No," Vivian replies and admits marriage scares her because of her parents. Shaun's upset but agrees just having Vivian in his life is enough - for now.


Nora arrives at the church and finds Bo praying for her and Matthew. If Matthew gets his life back, Nora will get hers back too. Nora joins him, and they reflect on Matthew's condition and their grandchild's upcoming birth. They're thankful for each other and share a dance, remembering their wedding. Rex comes upon them. He remembers how Bo and Nora danced at their wedding. He wanted that with Gigi. Nora hugs Rex. Guests start to arrive. As Roxy wonders what the hell Clint's doing there, Bo warns he better not have cut off his ankle monitor. They have a laugh over how Dorian pulled through. Shaun and Vivian appear. Roxy wonders when they plan to make their relationship legal. Shaun assures Roxy it's the farthest thing from their minds. Roxy's stumped by how touchy everyone is today. Natalie appears, happy to see Clint. She announces that they'll be starting the wedding without Tina. Roxy agrees to step in as Maid of Honor. Though Roxy questions if whether or not Natalie's doing the right thing, the music starts. Natalie pushes her toward the aisle. Cord calls Tina, who promises to be there soon. They exchange 'I love yous' then Tina prays she'll be able to find her dog. Clint walks Natalie down the aisle next and gives her away to Brody.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Natalie and Brody's wedding is underway.

Roxy speaks up when the minister asks if anyone knows why they shouldn't be married.

Tina's arrival causes things to take a dramatic turn.

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