Dragged Away By That Juvenile Delinquent.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Vimal worries about Neela, Tea gives Todd important news, and David returns...

Dragged Away By That Juvenile Delinquent. image

Tea visits Todd at The Sun and admits she's pregnant with Victor's baby. Todd's happy for Tea but wishes Tomas would stop trying to pin Victor's murder on him. He thinks Tomas wants him out of the way. Tea doesn't agree but thinks Blair's better off with Tomas. Todd's hurt her too many times. Tea warns Tomas will fight for Blair. After Tea leaves, Todd recalls shooting Victor then says, "Maybe everything's going to be all right." He's sorry for what he did but promises to take care of Victor's family. Out in the hallway, Vimal worries about Neela and says, "She was dragged away by that juvenile delinquent." Rama tries calming him. When Vimal's father calls from home, wondering why Neela wasn't on the plane, he and Rama make excuses and claim Neela's sleeping. There was a flight mix-up. After he hangs up, Vimal orders Rama to stay there then leaves to report Neela missing.


After looking at Todd's first issue of The Sun, containing a photo of Agent Baker - implying he killed Victor, Blair calls Tomas from the mansion. Tomas promises they'll find Victor's murderer. David appears. He just wrapped up his film in Sweden and is on his way to see Dorian in Washington. Dorian asked David to stop in Llanview to make sure Todd stays out of Blair's life forever. Blair's with Tomas but admits she thought Todd had something to tell her on Halloween. David urges Blair to concentrate on Tomas. Blair knows Todd has a hard time showing his feelings and thinks she needs to go to him first. David refuses to let Blair make this mistake again. Blair rushes off. David takes a call from Dorian, which is stopped short by a visit from Todd. He's looking for Blair and admits, "I want her back." David lies and says Blair went to tell Tomas she loves him.


Jack appears in the cabana with food and clothes. Neela thanks him. She refuses to be sent home and says, "I really want to marry a boy like…" Jack wonders who. She leans in close then pulls away from Jack and regains her composure. Jack vents about Victor and Scarface. He won't let Scarface get away with murder. Neela asks what Jack plans to do. Jack leaves. Rama calls and insists she's trying to help Neela. She tells Rama where she is. Rama arrives shortly. Neela boasts that Jack is the man of her dreams!

Jack sneaks into the mansion and grabs a copy of The Sun and some matches.


At the Manning Estate, Claude provides Tomas with proof Agent Baker couldn't have killed Victor. He was locked up. Claude wonders if Tomas hopes Todd killed Victor, so he can have Blair to himself. Tomas denies it. Claude gives Tomas information on Louie. Tomas realizes he was the man with Todd yesterday. He thinks Louie stayed quiet about the gun because Todd bought it back from him.


Tomas arrives The Sun and snoops around Todd's office. He locates Todd's safe. Just as he cracks the code, someone comes to the door. Blair almost catches Tomas in Todd's safe and asks, "What are you doing here?"


At Llanfair, Clint's upset he won't be able to walk Natalie down the aisle. He plans to set up a feed, so he can watch the wedding from home. Viki privately makes a call. Clint's tux arrives from the dry-cleaner. He wonders why she had it dry-cleaned, considering he's under house arrest. Viki admits she asked Tea to petition the court, so he could attend the wedding. They haven't heard back yet. She urges Clint not to get his hopes up. Viki leaves Clint in the living room and answers the door to Tea. The judge turned down their request. Tea apologizes. Viki speaks of the video feed. It'll all work out. She asks how Tea's been and is excited to hear she's pregnant with Victor's baby. Tea misses Victor so much. So does Viki. She thanks Tea for sharing the news with her and holds her close. After Tea leaves, Clint thinks Viki and Tea were hugging because the judge gave him permission to go to the wedding.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Clint and Viki appear ready to kiss.

Todd, holding a gun, watches Blair and Tomas kiss.

Someone plans to start a fire at The Sun.

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