John Might Be Liam's Father.

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Jessica tells the truth, Tea gets answers, and Tomas questions Todd...

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At the salon, Natalie is adamant about speaking first. She wants her sister back and pleads for Jessica to attend the wedding. Jessica has something to say before she can agree to it and reveals, "John might be Liam's father." Natalie thinks Jessica's trying to punish her and Brody and screams, "You're a vindictive, spiteful bitch!" Jessica doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore. She saw a DNA test that proved Liam is John's son. Natalie thinks Jessica wanted to babysit Liam, so she could arrange for a DNA test. Jessica denies it. Victor had the test. Jessica got it from David Vickers the dog. Natalie thinks it's a joke, especially when Jessica claims the dog took the test back. Natalie's sick of being Jessica's punching bag. Jessica urges Natalie to postpone the wedding and have another DNA test done. Natalie refuses and doesn't want to ever see Jessica again. Later, Natalie looks at her wedding dress and gives herself a pep talk about becoming a family with Liam and Brody.


In Bo's office, John hands over his resignation. He's moving to Seattle to be closer to Michael and Marcie. Bo thinks John's using Michael as an excuse and doesn't want to see Natalie marry Brody. Does Natalie know John's still in love with her? John feels as though he has to move on. Bo rants about losing his best detective. If Bo doesn't make an arrest in Victor's murder, the mayor will can him. John suggests they get to work then. They discuss Brody threatening Victor and how Irene couldn't have killed Victor. She was locked up and only had contact with Todd. If Louie's still alive, he may still have Todd's gun. After talking over the case, knowing John's adamant about leaving, Bo agrees to let him resign today. John takes Bo up on his offer.


Tomas enters Todd's office at The Sun. Todd introduces Louie as his associate and insists Tomas can speak frankly in front of him. Tomas is looking for the gun Todd took from Dorian's. Todd reminds Tomas of the homeless man Irene sent to the bottom of the Llantano River with the gun. He wants to find the gun to clear Todd, who thinks Baker killed Victor. Louie listens intently then confronts Todd about the gun after Tomas leaves. Todd admits he killed Victor and explains everything to Louie. He regrets it every time he looks at Sam's face and hates hurting Tea, someone he once loved. Louie sympathizes with how Irene brainwashed Todd. He needs to deal with what he's done then forgive himself. "I forgive you," Louie says and reflects on the men he knew in the war, who dealt with similar issues. Louie gives Todd the gun and asks him to get help. Later, Todd notes how he got away with murder - again.


Tea hides the pregnancy test at the Manning Estate when Blair and Sam arrive. Sam hugs Tea and says, "Thank you for giving me back my daddy." Sam and Blair talk about going through Victor's things that Tea sent over. Sam gives her a picture of him, Tea and Victor and calls her his second mom. While Sam goes off to play, Blair asks Tea to talk to Tomas about Todd. He would never have killed Victor, due to his connection to Sam. Over talk of Victor's child, Tea gets emotional and rushes upstairs. Later, Blair catches Sam playing with a 'magic wand' and is stunned to see it's a pregnancy test. Tea appears and grabs the test. Sam rushes off again. Blair thinks the test belongs to Dani and offers to be there for Tea. "It's mine," Tea admits and shows Blair the test. She's pregnant. Outside, Tomas looks at a photo of Louie and Todd and vows to find out what they're hiding.


Jack and Neela hear Vimal and Rama calling out to her at the docks. Neela dreads the arranged marriage and fears being turned into a baby factory. Jack leads her away. Vimal sees them but falls into the Llantano River trying to snag Neela. Rama fishes him out. Vimal thinks someone kidnapped her. Rama suggests Neela went willingly with the boy.


Neela thanks Jack, as he shows her into his family's cabana. Neela smiles at Jack, who wonders why she's looking at him like that. Neela remembers describing the man of her dreams to Vimal. Neela answers a call from Rama and asks her to give Vimal a message. She refuses to be shipped home for the arranged marriage and says, "It's not going to happen." After she hangs up, Jack tells Neela his name, realizes she's Vimal's sister and smiles when she says, "Thank you for saving me."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tea gives Todd important news.

Clint is devastated that he can't give Natalie away at her wedding.

Vimal worries about Neela and goes to report her missing.

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