As Soon As You're Done Buffing My Corns.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Cutter updates Rama, the judge makes a decision, and 'Stacy' hides in the bathroom...

As Soon As You're Done Buffing My Corns. image

Rama gives Cutter a pedicure at Foxy Roxy's and wonders how his plan is progressing. Cutter promises to tell her but says, "As soon as you're done buffing my corns." Rama pokes his foot! Cutter explains how he wrote Clint a letter from Kim and one to Kim from Clint. They'll both believe they've moved on from each other. He talks about his golden egg then leaves when Aubrey appears. Aubrey warns Rama away from Cutter and shares his latest scam. He's trying to convince Rex he can bring back his dead fiancée. Rama notices how fond Aubrey is of Rex. Is she falling for him? Aubrey denies it, but Rama asks, "Do you think you can trade one Buchanan for another?"


Rex enters Cutter's motel room and rants through the bathroom door to the woman trying to scam him. "There's only one Gigi in the world!" Rex shouts. "And she's not you." 'Stacy' listens as Rex talks about the woman and mother Gigi was. He begins talking about what a conniving bitch Gigi's sister Stacy was. Cutter appears and assures Rex Gigi is behind the door. If he pays up, Cutter will show him. Rex tells them both to go to hell and leaves. 'Stacy' joins Cutter. Though none of Rex's words brought anything back, she wants out of his scam and plans to undo the surgery in order to look like the old Stacy again.


As Aubrey denies falling for Rex, he appears at Foxy Roxy's. He admits what happened at Cutter's. Aubrey comforts him with a hug, as Rama smirks.


At Llanfair, Tina rambles to Clint about the Buchanan men. Cord appears and tries hushing her. Viki does it for him and announces that they've been summoned to court to hear the judge's ruling over Victor's will. After the siblings leave, Clint shares Kim's letter with Cord. It reads that Kim's fallen in love and moved on with someone else. Clint thought Kim cared for him but assures Cord he'll be fine. Cord brings up Viki, but Clint wants to hear about him and Tina. He's disappointed when Cord admits they slept together but happy he made a clean break from Tina. Cord wonders if Tina could really change. Clint thinks she could, until someone flashes some cash in her face. Cord thinks he's partly to blame for how Tina is.


Tea finds Nora outside the courtroom and shares that Tomas plans to work on finding Victor's killer. Nora wonders how Tea can be so sure it isn't Todd. Tea suggests Nora get over her theories. Todd, Viki and Tina appear. Tea escorts the siblings into the courtroom. The judge denies Tea's motion. Victor's will is legit. Everything goes to Irene. Victor was legally known as Todd at the time and had every right to set the terms of his will. Tina brings up Irene's death. Irene had a will with a beneficiary, who will receive all of Victor's assets. Tina begs the judge to throw out Irene's will, until she hears Irene left everything to her and replies, "That seems fair. She liked me. She really, really liked me." Todd wants The Sun, but Tina plans to run it - as a way to prove herself. Viki reminds Tina it's not fair that she keep everything for herself. Tina knows they've always thought she was selfish. Maybe it's time she lives up to her reputation. Todd knows Tina hasn't changed, even if Viki thinks she has. Tina recalls her promise to Cord and tells the judge she wants everything turned over to Todd. The judge makes it legal. Viki's proud. Todd thanks Tina then tells Tea they need to get Tina to sign the papers before she changes her mind. Todd wants to take care of Tea and Dani. Tea only wants Victor's killer found and shares that Tomas plans to find him.


Tina and Viki return to Llanfair. Viki shares what Tina did. Tina admits she did it all for Cord, who promptly kisses her.


Tomas arrives at the mansion and tells Blair he's on the hunt for Victor's killer. He wants to question Jack but asks, "What if Jack's right?" Blair can't believe Tomas is suggesting Todd killed Victor. He reminds her Todd's capable of murder. He killed Irene. Blair thinks Tomas is going after Todd because he believes she has feelings for him. Tomas loves Blair but has to do this for Tea. Blair agrees to help Tomas find Victor's killer.


Nora finds Destiny at the diner, having a hard time writing her college essay. Destiny stresses about going to college pregnant and thinks maybe she should skip it. Nora objects. Matthew would want Destiny to attend college. Destiny agrees to let Nora help with her essay.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Dani realizes Tea isn't eating.

Roxy demands John tell Natalie how he feels.

Jack comes across Neela.

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