You're Fired.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Clint lashes out, Rex tracks Cutter's female accomplice down, and Blair confides in Starr...

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Rex thinks Cutter's hiding in the Buchanan Stables. He grabs a pitchfork and threatens to stab the hay mound. Cord and Tina pop up, naked! Rex apologizes and leaves. Tina can't wait to tell everyone they're back together. "Just because we made love doesn't mean we're back together," Cord replies. Tina objects, but Cord can't forget their trust issues and says, "Let's just not go there again." He wonders why Tina came back to Llanview. She denies it was due to Victor's money. She wanted to be there for Viki. Tina knows Viki's waiting for her to mess up, just like Cord is. She plans to prove that she and Cord belong together and leaves.


Up at the mansion, Rex and Aubrey discuss Cutter and his date. Rex can't believe she was talking to Shane and that Cutter would try to hurt a grieving kid by pawning the woman off as Gigi. Rex finds the woman's mask. Aubrey urges him to forget about Cutter and his con-artist friend. Aubrey recalls being that to Cutter once. She's no better than Cutter. Rex thinks otherwise. After Rex leaves, Aubrey picks up the mask, looks at Gigi's photo and envies Rex's love for her.


Cutter reads Kim's letter to Clint in his motel room while 'Stacy' dreams about Rex. Kim explains to Clint how her sick friend is really Stacy. 'Stacy' wakes up and demands to know what Cutter hoped to accomplish at the party. When she threatens to go to Rex, Cutter admits he was going to use her to get what he wanted from Rex. He reminds 'Stacy' she's a con-artist too and of what she went through to get Rex. She wants to make things right. How does she think Rex will react if she shows up on his doorstep with Gigi's face? Cutter thinks they could both get what they want and asks her to think about what he said. Rex hides outside and waits until Cutter leaves then bangs on the door, demanding that the woman open it. When she doesn't, Rex picks the lock and enters the room.


At Llanfair, Nigel tells Clint his investigator can't locate Kim. He wants more money to keep searching. Nigel doesn't think Kim ever had a sick friend and suggests Clint forget about her. "You're fired," Clint replies. Later, Nigel reappears with a suitcase. Clint reminds Nigel of the oldest Buchanan threat. He's not fired. Clint was just upset. He looks outside at Viki and tells Nigel he'll think about whether or not to continue his search for Kim. Nigel warns he might not like what he finds if he continues it. Outside, Cutter slips a letter to Clint from Kim, in Cutter's words, into the mailbox. Cutter made it appear that Kim was saying goodbye. Nigel brings Clint the letter. Out on the patio, Todd admits to Viki that he didn't tell Blair how he feels. He claims to have stayed quiet because of Sam, who needs his dad. Todd blames himself for Victor's death and wishes he could change what he did. Viki wonders what he's talking about since he didn't kill Victor. Todd turns talk to Clint and starts teasing Viki. They agree their love lives are off limits. Nigel appears with court orders for Viki, Todd and Tina. They enter the mansion. Tina arrives and starts ranting at Clint about being a Buchanan. Nigel hands Tina her letter.


Starr catches Blair looking at her and Todd's wedding photo at the mansion. Blair admits Tomas professed his love. Starr brings up how Todd loves her too. Blair denies it but thinks back to being with Todd at the cabin. Starr knows Blair and Todd are still connected. Blair thinks Todd was going to tell her something last night. Starr suggests Todd feared rejection. That's why he left.


Tea finds Tomas painting a picture of Blair at the Manning Estate. He thinks Blair still loves Todd. He wonders how Tea's doing, who rambles about packing up Victor's stuff. Tomas takes her into his arms and vows to help Tea through this. Later, Blair arrives to pick up some of Victor's stuff for the kids. As Tomas collects the box Tea left with him, Blair sees his portrait. She admits she's confused. Tomas doesn't want to risk them slipping away. Blair grabs the box and leaves. Tea reappears, upset that Victor's killer is still out there. Tomas plans to use his training to find Victor's killer.


Blair returns to the mansion and shows Starr the box of Victor's things. She brings up her conversation with Tomas and is clearly torn over him and Todd.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Tea shares Tomas' plan to find Victor's killer with Nora.

Todd, Viki and Tina are summoned to court.

'Stacy' hides in the bathroom, as Rex blasts her from the other side of the door.

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