The Dead Girl.

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Tina makes a connection, Blair tries explaining Todd to Sam, and Bree throws something away...

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Blair, dressed as a lifeguard, opens the door to a werewolf at the mansion. Todd takes his mask off. They share a few jokes and talk about Jack. Blair urges Todd to take things slowly and suggests they work on getting Jack to drop the Scarface reference. "Hi Scarface," Sam says and shows off his 'Jaws' costume. Blair reminds Sam not to call Todd that. Sam can't call him Todd. That was his dad's name before the bad man made him go away. Blair explains that Todd's his uncle, his daddy's brother. Todd thinks back to shooting Victor. Sam misses Victor and wonders if Todd does too. He asks Uncle Todd to go trick-or-treating with them. While Blair helps Sam get ready, Todd tries to convince himself to tell Blair he wants her back. He practices by talking to pumpkins then heads to the front door chanting, "I love you. I want you back." The door opens and Irene appears saying, "Ask and you shall receive." He tries putting the wicked witch out of his head. Irene warns Todd will end up alone, begging for her to come back. He turns to throw a pumpkin at Irene and says, "Go back to hell." Blair and Sam reappear. Todd apologizes and declines Sam's invitation to go trick-or-treating.


Ford, Jessica and Bree arrive at Llanfair after trick-or-treating. Bree asks Jessica to go to Aunt Natalie's party. While Viki talks to Jessica about Natalie, Clint shuns Ford, who tries making conversation. The men start arguing until Ford warns that he's not going anywhere. Clint better get used to it or prepare for another heart-attack. He sees Viki and Jessica listening in and agrees to tolerate Ford. They shake hands. Bree leans on the desk. The letter from Kim to Clint falls into her Halloween bag. Bree heads out with Jessica and Ford. Viki's happy by Clint's change of heart. They look at Viki's old wedding dress Tina left behind and remember their special day. Later, Clint can't find the letter that was addressed to him.


At the Buchanan Mansion, Rex asks Cutter and Kim's friend, who are in disguise, "Who's hiding under those masks?" Roxy tugs on Rex's sleeve, who invites them inside. Nearby, Natalie warns Aubrey to keep her claws out of Rex. Across the room, Tina looks at Gigi's photo on the mantle and says, "The dead girl." Cord hushes her, saying she's Rex's deceased fiancée. Tina explains how she came to Llanfair and insists on telling Rex that she's alive! Tina rushes to Rex, and explains she has something to say, but hears Rex is going to be Brody's best man. Tina warns that Cord's going to stand up for Brody. Roxy tells Tina to shut it, and the women argue. Privately, Kim's friend admits to Cutter she got the feeling, when seeing Rex, that he was important. While Cutter goes to get them drinks, she sees a Halloween card, opens it and hears Gigi's message to Shane. "That's my mom," Shane says, joining her. When Shane introduces himself, and asks for her name, she rushes off. Cutter tries going after her, but Aubrey has a hold of a piece of his mummy costume. It begins unraveling around his chest. "Wait," Aubrey snaps. "I know those nipples!" She counts his abs and only knows one man with seven of them. She runs after Cutter. Rex joins Shane and asks who he was talking to. Shane didn't get a chance to find out. Rex rushes after Aubrey. Natalie and Brody find Ford, Jessica and Bree at the door. While the adults have a civil conversation, Bree finds the letter in her bag and thinks someone's tricking her. On their way out, Bree throws the letter on the ground.


Cutter finds Kim's friend in the stables. She feels horrible for Shane. Cutter puts her mask back on. Aubrey appears, sees Cutter and vows to make him and his friend pay. Rex appears and wonders if Cutter brought his friend to try to convince him that she's Gigi. He orders her to take the mask off. Cutter stops Rex from pulling it off and rushes out with Kim's friend. Later, Tina and Cord enter alone. He wonders if she's using Natalie and Brody's wedding to get them back together. Tina kisses Cord. He pulls back and says, "This is trouble." She convinces him otherwise. They kiss again.


Back in the mansion, Rex makes a toast to Natalie and Brody then stares at Gigi's photo. Outside, Cutter finds the letter Bree dropped. He grabs Kim's friend and runs off. Rex appears and finds her mask.


Ford brings Bree and Jessica home. She thanks him for going to Natalie's party with her but doesn’t know what she's going to do about Liam's DNA test.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex tracks Cutter's female accomplice down and breaks into the room at the Minute Man Motel.

Blair tells Starr she's torn between Todd and Tomas.

Viki and Todd question each others' love lives.

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