Hogtied To The Altar Before Long.

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Clint makes an observation, Rex comes face to face with his past, and Michael urges John to talk to Natalie...

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At their loft, Brody anticipates marrying Natalie and says, "There's no backing out now." Natalie lies when Brody questions what she and Roxy were talking about. She surprises Brody with Liam dressed in a baby seal costume. As Natalie talks about how obvious it is that Liam has Brody's genes, he appears to feel guilty. Later, with Brody dressed in his Navy Seal uniform, he privately talks to Liam about why he's lied and promises to always be his dad. Natalie appears in her own Navy uniform then the three head out.


Clint warns Cord away from Tina at Llanfair. "It's not like we're getting married again." Cord laughs. Tina appears in Viki's old wedding dress. Viki joins them, as Tina hears Clint can't go to the party. He's under house arrest. Tina asks Clint to cuddle with David Vickers while she's gone. Viki drags Tina off, warning her not to overdo it with Cord by wearing the wedding dress. Tina thinks Viki's just too scared to pursue Clint. Viki denies it and brings up Clint's connection to Kim. Back in the living room, Clint predicts Tina will have Cord hogtied to the altar before long. Later, Brody, Natalie and Liam arrive. Natalie hears Clint's been a bit under the weather. Clint assures them he's fine to watch Liam. Natalie asks if Viki will stay and help Clint. She happily agrees. Brody and Natalie leave. While Clint takes Liam to get some blocks, Viki looks through the mail but doesn't see the letter for Clint from Kim. Clint reappears, thanks Viki for staying home with him and says, "You know I'm helpless without you." Clint starts looking through the mail.


Michael answers John's door to Roxy, who jokes about him being John in a Michael costume. John sighs when Roxy says, "I've got some news for Johnny that's going to rock his world." Natalie accepted Brody's proposal only after she heard John say he didn't love her. If she'd stayed and heard that John really does love her, Natalie would've never agreed to marry Brody. Shaun barges in dressed as Michael Jackson, looking for his Britney Spears. John hears they're heading to Natalie's engagement party. Before Roxy leaves, she begs John to do the right thing and tell Natalie that he loves her. Later, over beers and a game of Battleship, Michael questions John about Natalie then assures him he'll make new dreams. John answers the door to trick-or-treaters. He doesn't have candy, hands over some cash and sends the kids on their way. Michael continues drilling John about still loving Natalie. He begs John to be honest with Natalie. "It's not going to happen," John replies.


Cutter appears in his motel room with costumes for him and Kim's friend. This way Rex won't see her face. Why can't she let people know she's there? Cutter doesn't think seeing her will be good for Rex and Shane, who've been grieving Gigi. Not now, during Halloween. She agrees and hates herself for having plastic surgery in order to steal her sister's fiancé. Cutter comforts her. She's a victim too and isn't a bad person for falling in love with Rex. Kim's friend wants to remember and agrees to go to Rex's party in costume. As she leaves to dress as Little Red Riding Hood, Cutter talks to Morris. He dresses as a mummy. Though he feels bad for what he's doing, he can't afford for anyone to see her. She reappears and takes Cutter's breath away with her beauty.


At the Buchanan Mansion, Aubrey helps Shane and Rex display some of Gigi's favorite Halloween decorations. They listen to a card to Shane with Gigi's recorded voice saying, "Happy Halloween to my favorite guy. I love you, Shane." Aubrey comforts Shane and suggests he put the card someplace safe. Shane keeps listening to Gigi's message. Later, dressed in their Three Musketeer costumes, Rex adjusts Aubrey's hat. Something passes between them. Guests arrive. Tina and Cord are dressed as cowboy and cowgirl. Natalie makes a quick getaway when Tina starts talking about the wedding. Roxy stops Natalie and says she tried to convince John to 'tell her'. Just as Roxy starts to tell Natalie what John really said, Rex ushers Natalie away to rant about including Tina in her wedding. As everyone mingles, the doorbell rings. Rex opens it and smiles at Cutter and Kim's friend in disguise. Back in the living room, Tina sees Gigi's picture on the mantel and tells Cord, "That's her. The dead girl."


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Clint and Viki think back to their own wedding.

Cord and Tina are alone in the stables.

Sam asks Todd to go trick or treating with him.

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