How Could Victor Take Liam?

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

John confides in Michael, Roxy confronts Natalie, and Rick's true nature shines through...

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At John's, Marcie and Michael talk about John's lack of MyFace use. His status still says 'Getting married'. Over talk of Brody and Natalie being engaged, and having a kid, Marcie brings up how Brody reacted to losing Shane years ago. He went over the edge. John thinks about Brody threatening Victor and admitting it was all about Liam. Michael wonders what John's thinking about. Marcie gives them some time alone and leaves. John fills Michael in on Brody threatening Victor and Brody's mention of Liam. "How could Victor take Liam from Brody?" Michael asks. John wonders if Brody thought he could lose Liam somehow. Michael can't make sense of it, especially since Liam is Brody's son.


Rex finishes up a call with Aubrey, who's worried about Cutter crashing their party, then answers the door at the Buchanan Mansion. It's Brody, who asks Rex to be his best man. Rex agrees and commends Brody for the man he's become, a real standup guy. Over talk of Shane, Brody admits he doesn't know what he'd do if he lost Liam.


Roxy shows off her Britney costume at the loft then confronts Natalie over her engagement. Roxy has two words for Natalie and says, "John McBain." Roxy reminds Natalie of John's love for her. She knows Natalie only accepted Brody's proposal after hearing John say he didn't love her. Roxy starts to tell Natalie what John said after she left but thought-bubbles appear. John says he loves Natalie. Rex warns Roxy not to tell Natalie about it. Roxy swipes the bubbles away and starts to tell Natalie the truth, but Brody arrives. Roxy's prevented from telling Natalie the truth and hugs her soon-to-be son-in-law. Roxy makes a quick exit.


Kim's friend wakes up in Cutter's motel room. She wishes her memory would return. Cutter promises to tell her everything he knows after she showers. After she enters the bathroom, Aubrey arrives and slaps Cutter across the face for what he tried to do to Rex. Cutter thinks Aubrey's scamming Rex herself. She denies it. When Kim's friend calls out to Cutter from the bathroom, Aubrey rants about his latest floozy. She warns Cutter to stay away from Rex. Hearing that Rex and Clint's deal is almost set in stone, Cutter privately decides to step things up. Aubrey stomps off, and Cutter rejoins Kim's friend. She overheard Cutter's heated conversation. He admits his ex was at the door. She wonders why they were talking about Rex. Cutter makes up more lies. Kim's friend plans to go see Rex. While she's getting dressed, Cutter looks to Morris for answers. He needs Stacy, the schemer, on his side. Cutter plans to jog Kim's friend's mind at the costume party, but he can't let Rex see her.


Aubrey arrives at the Buchanan Mansion and rants about Cutter. Just as Rex says she reminds him of an old friend, Marcie appears. He hugs her, happy by her pregnancy news. After he introduces Aubrey, Marcie recognizes her as the girl who scammed Joey and asks, "What the hell are you doing with her?" Aubrey rushes off. Later, Marcie assures Rex how much Gigi still loves him.


Dani and Starr gush over Hope's Halloween costume at the mansion. Dani shows Starr Jack's latest article about the paparazzi fiasco the other day. Starr reads how Jack trashed James. Starr shares her troubles with Rick. Dani urges Starr to stand up to Rick at the video shoot tonight. "Stand up, Mommy," Hope chimes in.


Ford, Nate and James are all summoned to Ultra Violet. Rick appears and says, "It's show time." They think Rick lured them there to do a porno. Rick wants them all to star in Starr's music video, one that'll drive her to the top. Rick's crew starts setting things up. He wants Ford to direct it. Rick doesn't want James to be Starr's main man in the video. He wants Nate aka Buster Ridge. Nate takes offense, as does James when he hears Rick's paying him to stay offset. "James stays or I go," Starr says from the doorway. Nate's happy to hear that Dani knows he's not there doing anything shady. Ford reluctantly agrees to direct, and Nate agrees to be in the video. Rick threatens to replace Starr with Hannah if she insists on keeping James there. James insists on bailing for Starr's sake, who agrees to shoot the video, if she gets approval of the final cut.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rex comes face to face with his past.

Tina's surprising discovery could change someone's life.

Michael urges John to talk to Natalie.

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