You Know Me? Who Am I?

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Jack makes a horrifying discovery, Viki has to referee, and Rex, Shane and Aubrey prepare for Halloween...

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Outside of Llanfair, Cutter shows Tina the photo of Kim's friend. Tina admits she was there but was confused. The girl called herself Gigi Morasco, who's dead. "She's confused alright," Cutter agrees and rushes off. In the kitchen, Todd thinks of shooting Victor. Viki wonders what has him distracted. He thanks Viki for taking him in after what he's done. Viki sympathizes with what Todd's been through and says he wasn't the one who killed Victor. It's time Todd starts to rebuild his life. He has no idea where to start with his kids. As Todd complains about not having any money, Viki assures him things will straighten themselves out. Irene's dead. Tina appears and reminds them everything belongs to her now. She's Victor Lord's daughter, and Todd was declared dead. Viki plays referee. After Tina leaves, Todd rants at Viki for letting Tina back in the house and giving her another chance. Viki gave Todd another chance and begs him not to let Victor's money tear them apart. Todd wants it all back… his money, his children and especially Blair. She saved his life. Todd knows there's still something between them. They both felt it at the cabin.


Shane stops Rex from leaving the Buchanan Mansion. He doesn't want to dress up for Halloween and admits Gigi already bought them 'Three Musketeers' costumes for this year. Aubrey appears. After Rex talks to Shane about how Gigi would want them to celebrate Halloween, Shane asks Aubrey to join him and Rex as a musketeer. Aubrey heads to the attic to get the costumes. Shane and Rex engage in a fake swordfight.


At the cemetery, Jack talks to Victor's grave. Scarface belongs in the grave, not Victor. The caretaker appears and accuses Jack of being one of the vandals who scratched the date off of Gigi's headstone. Jack denies it and warns the man not to say Gigi's name. Nearby, Kim's friend looks at Gigi's grave and wonders how Gigi can be dead when she looks just like her. She looks at her reflection in the mirror. She's sure there has to be someone who knows her. Someone who can tell her what's going on. Just as she turns around, Jack appears and says, "You!" She's happy Jack seems to know her and asks, "You know me? Who am I?" Jack pleads with her to get away from him and professes how sorry he is. "You're dead. I didn't mean it," Jack gasps then runs back to Victor's grave. He screams for Victor to help him and says, "I killed her, but she's back." Back at Gigi's grave, Cutter appears. Kim's friend demands answers. Cutter admits she's not Gigi. She's Stacy. He repeats the story Kim told him about Stacy's plastic surgery, how she wanted Gigi's life and how Kim saved her. What was so special about Gigi's life that she'd want to replace her? Cutter tells her about Gigi's fiancé, Rex. Cutter convinces her to leave with him. Before they go, she places a flower from another grave on Gigi's. They pass Victor's grave as they go.


Tomas convinces Blair to let him into the mansion. He wants her forgiveness. Blair can't forget that he walked away from her just to alleviate his guilt. Tomas begs Blair for another chance and explains why he felt the need to confess for Todd's sake. Now they are both free. He wonders if Blair wants a relationship with him, or is Todd still a factor? Blair tries to explain her worry for Todd. Tomas wonders who she's trying to convince, him or herself. Blair takes offense. Jack appears. Blair wonders what's wrong. Jack looks as though he's seen a ghost. Jack screams that he's fine then claims he's heading to bed. He whispers to himself, "It couldn't have been Gigi. Could it?" Back in the living room, Blair asks Tomas to leave. He wants to know something first and kisses Blair. Tomas can tell there is still something between them. He loves Blair and refuses to give up on her.


Jack returns to Victor's grave and vows to find out if the woman he saw was really Gigi. Rex and Shane arrive at Gigi's grave. They wonder who placed the flower on her headstone. Rex can feel that Gigi is with them. He hugs Shane. Jack watches them from the shadows.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Roxy is about to tell Natalie that John still loves her.

Marcie reminds John that Brody has a history of violence.

Rick's true nature shines through.

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