Care For Another Surprise?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Marcie and Michael surprise John, Kim's friend appears at Llanfair, and Rama and Vimal exchange secrets...

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John's stunned to see Michael enter his office and hugs his brother. Michael explains his and Marcie's son, Gabe, is with their mother. Marcie appears and asks, "Care for another surprise?" Marcie's six-months pregnant! They didn't tell him sooner due to what happened with Liam. John's accepted that Liam's not his son, nothing's going to change that, and he warns them not to keep things from him again. They ask after Natalie. Marcie wonders if it's so hard for John to believe that he could find his way back to her someday. John brings up Natalie's wedding. Marcie and Michael had no idea. John throws his keys to Michael and promises to catch up with them when he's done.


Natalie takes a call from Tina at the station. She listens to some of Tina's wedding ideas then hangs up to chat with Brody. After Brody brings up how close Jessica and Ford are getting, Natalie wonders if that bothers him. It does, only because Brody can't stand Ford. Natalie thinks he's jealous. Brody denies it and feels as though he forced them together. Natalie reminds him Ford and Jessica have a bond over their son just like they do with Liam. Brody thinks back to finding out John is Liam's father. Talk turns to their wedding and how excited they are. John appears from behind and watches as they look up wedding ideas online.


Cutter flips out when he finds Kim's friend missing from the special care facility. A nurse checks security footage, which proves Kim's friend left hours ago. Cutter sees his laptop and notices the internet searches on Gigi and Stacy. He finds a yellow post-it note and sees the imprint of Gigi's last address: Llanfair.


At Llanfair, Ford thanks Jessica for inviting him to dinner. She wonders what they're going to do for Ryder's first Halloween. They laugh about Ryder dressing up as a cocktail weenie. Tina appears and talks about how fun it was to babysit Ryder. Jessica's stunned to hear Tina's Natalie's Maid of Honor. After Tina steps out, Jessica wonders how she's going to tell Natalie about Liam. Kim's friend holds a yellow post-it note, hides on the patio and whispers, "Is this where I live?" She makes her way around front and rings the doorbell. Tina answers. Kim's friend explains how she lost her memory and only knows her name: Gigi Morasco. Tina's never heard of her but goes to see if Jessica has. Tina rejoins Jessica and Ford and says Gigi Morasco is at the door. Jessica thinks Tina's mistaken. Kim's friend sneaks in and listens as Jessica says, "Gigi's dead and buried." Jessica attended her funeral. When Jessica finally agrees to go to the door, they don't find anyone there. Later, Tina answers the doorbell to Cutter, who says, "I'm looking for someone."


Aubrey visits Rex at the Buchanan Mansion and hears about Cutter's latest scam. Rex takes a drink and glances at Gigi's photo. Aubrey insists on cleaning up Rex's cuts then tries to distract him with ideas for Natalie's party. It doesn't work. Aubrey knows Rex wanted to give Gigi the perfect wedding. It's understandable that he misses the woman he loves. Rex calls it a night and heads out to Gigi's grave.


Vimal sits at Victor's grave and says, "If you weren't dead, I could kill you." He wishes Victor hadn't told him about Liam's paternity. Rama appears and scares the life out of Vimal. She saw Vimal's MyFace check-in post and wonders what he's really doing there. Vimal shares his secret on how Victor told him John's the father of Natalie's son. Rama admits she's keeping a horrible secret too. She sent Kim to prison for a crime she didn't commit. Vimal remembers being in prison for the same reason and scolds Rama. He's reminded that Rama lied to him about Aubrey's true identity. They agree to be honest with each other from here on out. Vimal wants to tell John the truth. As they leave, Kim's friend appears and stares down at Gigi's grave.


Vimal and Rama arrive at the station but can't find John. Rama convinces Vimal that they need to sleep on it before they tell John the truth.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Viki has to referee Todd and Tina.

Tomas asks if Blair still loves Todd.

Rex, Shane and Aubrey prepare for Halloween.

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