I Miss Dorian Lord As Mayor.

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Nora rants about Todd, Cutter lays out some terms, and confessions are made in court...

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In the courtroom, Todd admits he shot Irene and thinks back to shooting Victor. He refuses to let Tomas go to jail for a crime he committed. Tomas is forced to confirm the truth. The judge drops the charges against Tomas and asks if the commonwealth wants to charge Todd in Irene's murder. The prosecutor is granted a recess.


Nora rants in Bo's office about wanting to nail Todd. Once she calms down, Bo promises they'll find Victor's killer and shares his visit with Mayor Finn. "I miss Dorian Lord as mayor," Nora admits but warns Bo not to tell anyone she said that. Bo has until Election Day to find Victor's killer or he's fired for good. Nora gets word about Todd's confession and rushes out, anticipating putting Todd away.


Back in the courtroom, Blair praises Todd for doing the right thing. Tomas thanks Blair for talking Todd into confessing but wonders where that leaves them. As Todd asks Tea to keep him out of prison, Nora arrives and court's called back to order. Tea pleads Todd's case. The judge notes Nora already appears to have Todd convicted but asks if she plans to prosecute him for Irene's murder. Todd's earlier statement is brought up. He was about to tell the court what else he did. "Something unforgivable," Todd replies then claims he let Tomas admit to a crime he didn't commit. Nora doesn't have evidence to prosecute Todd and is forced to let him go. Tomas shakes Todd's hand. Todd thanks Tea, who demands he help her find out who killed Victor in return. Todd storms out. Tomas confronts Blair again and demands to know why she can't tell him she loves him. Is it because of Todd? Blair tells Tomas to go to hell. Nora confronts Tea, who continues to defend Todd. Nora reminds Tea that Victor was gunned down by a man who's walking around free, thanks to her.


Todd goes to Victor's grave. Though he hates him for taking his life, Todd knows Victor didn't deserve death. In tears, Todd apologizes for killing Victor.


In Rex's office at Buchanan Enterprises, Cutter tells Rex, "Gigi's alive." Rex doesn't believe him. Cutter taunts Rex then leaves. Rex repeats Gigi's message, "Don't give up," then stops Cutter in the hallway. Before Cutter will give Gigi to Rex, he orders him to sign everything over to him, not Clint. Rex explains how Clint's having legal papers drawn up. Cutter reminds Rex he hasn't signed anything yet and urges him not to if he wants to see Gigi again. Cutter shows Rex the photo on his cell. Rex calls Cutter sick then grabs him. The men engage in a fistfight. Cutter's cell falls to the floor. The secretary calls the police. Bo arrives soon after and pulls the men apart. Rex tells Bo what Cutter said. Bo throws Cutter out, who tells Rex, "You're going to regret this." After Cutter leaves, Bo's proud to hear Rex is giving everything back to Clint, who was decent to Rex in return. Rex admits he almost believed Cutter, and that Gigi was alive, until he demanded money. Rex just wanted Gigi to be alive.


At the special care facility, Kim's friend does an internet search on 'Gigi Morasco'. She reads about Gigi's death and wonders why she wasn't mentioned in the article. Cutter said she was in the accident too. She searches 'Stacy Morasco' and finds out she drowned on Llantano Mountain. She sees Stacy's face online and looks at the photo of Stacy and Kim on the end table. Both Gigi and Stacy are dead… She wonders who Kim is. She finds a mirror, sees Gigi's face in the reflection and gasps, "I'm Gigi Morasco. I'm not dead." She sees a photo of Rex and Shane, reads about them and says, "I have a fiancé and a son who love me." Later, Cutter arrives and finds the room empty.


Viki catches Clint finishing up a call with Joey at Llanfair. Why didn't Clint mention that Rex returned everything because he wanted to? Viki doesn't think his kids would care that Clint was kind to Rex in return, yet he didn't mention that either. Why can't Clint accept Rex like his other children? Clint admits he wasn't sure if Rex had changed. Viki hears the bitterness in Clint's voice over the bond Bo and Rex share. Viki's glad to see Clint cares, in his own way.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Marcie and Michael surprise John with a visit.

Kim's friend appears at Llanfair.

Rama and Vimal exchange secrets.

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