I'll Follow You Until You Love Me... Paparazzi.

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Starr is harassed, Cutter plans to use Kim's friend, and Irene pays Todd another visit...

I'll Follow You Until You Love Me... Paparazzi. image

Starr is bombarded by the paparazzi outside the mansion. When one claims Todd molested Starr as a child, she knees him in the groin. James opens the door, attacks one of the guys and pulls Starr inside. James calms Starr and sends her up to see Hope. Rick arrives wearing a t-shirt containing a print of Starr's The Sun cover-spread. Starr reappears with Hope and rants about the paparazzi hounding her earlier. Rick's happy about the buzz and suggests it's time Starr loses the boyfriend and kid, for the sake of her image. Starr sends James upstairs with Hope. Rick brings up 'Britney' and how no one sees her kids. Starr doesn't care. James and Hope are part of the package. Rick controls the rights to Starr's music. She needs to do things his way. Rick suggests they get Hope a nanny but he refuses to let James stay in the picture. James listens from the doorway, as Rick says Starr will have anyone she wants, even 'Bieber'. James storms in and orders Rick out. Starr assures James she wants him in her life. Rick meets a paparazzi outside, sees the photos of James flipping out and orders more of the same. He plans to make Starr a star whether she likes it or not.


Outside the courtroom, Blair can't believe Todd is going to let Tomas take the fall for something he did. Todd's no better than Victor. Todd reminds Blair that Tomas let Irene lock him up. He let Victor steal his life! Blair defends Tomas, begs Todd to do the right thing and promises Tea will fight for him. Todd thinks back to shooting Victor. He wonders if Blair loves Tomas. Blair thinks about Tomas asking her the same thing about Todd. She doesn't give him an answer or get Todd to change his mind. Todd walks away.


In the bathroom, Todd struggles with his guilt over letting Tomas take the fall for Irene's murder. Irene appears and taunts Todd about shooting her and Victor. Though he did what he had to do, Irene urges him not to listen to Blair. Let Tomas take the fall. Todd thinks maybe Blair's right, maybe he can't live with himself if he lets Tomas take the fall.


Inside the courtroom, Tea begs Tomas to tell the truth. She can't fight for him if he won't fight for himself. Court is called to order. Tomas thinks back to Blair wondering if she matters to him. He stands up and talks about everything he gave up for his country. The officials he worked for made him do things he's not proud of. He left his family… If he could go back, Tomas would put them first. Blair enters the room and hears Tomas talk about how his family wants him to change his plea. He loves his family and doesn't want to lose them but needs to reclaim his honor. Though the judge commends Tomas for ridding the world of such an evil woman, she doesn't condone murder. Tomas is sentenced to Statesville for twenty years. Todd barges in and yells, "Stop!" He admits Tomas is covering for him. He thinks back to killing Victor and says, "That's not all I've done."


Cutter stares at Kim's friend in the special care facility, anticipating the amount of money Rex would pay to see her. Cutter plans to put Kim's friend through 'Gigi School'. He takes her photo in preparation of making Rex an offer he can't refuse. Cutter books a flight to Llanview, tells the sleeping girl he'll be back soon and leaves the laptop behind. Later, Kim's friend wakes up, sees the laptop, opens it and does a search on 'Morasco'.


Aubrey is dragged into Rex's office at B.E. by security. She's number two, Rex being number one, on the list of undesirables not allowed in the building, created by Clint before Rex took over. Rex approves Aubrey's presence and dismisses security. When she asks why he's packing, Rex fills her in on Cutter's latest scam. Clint turned Cutter and his fake document down. Rex is walking away from it all and says, "Anything that puts up a wall around my family, I don't want it." Aubrey's impressed and surprised Clint asked him and Shane to stay at the mansion. Over talk of the engagement party, which falls on Halloween, they decide on a costume party. Rex assures Aubrey Clint won't have a problem paying her for planning Natalie's engagement party. On her way out, Aubrey runs into Cutter in the hallway. Hasn't Cutter already done enough? He accuses her of setting her sights on Rex then enters his office. Rex wants nothing from Cutter. "Even Gigi?" Cutter asks. "What if I told you I could bring her back?"

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd confesses in court.

Cutter lays out the terms of his deal for Rex.

Clint confesses something about Rex to Viki.

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