How Would You Like To Get Your Company Back?

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Clint has a message for Cutter, Bo is fired, and Tomas faces his sentencing hearing...

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Standing at the bottom of the stairs at Llanfair, Viki and Clint make sexual innuendos leading to his stair-stepping exercises. Clint takes a call from Cutter, wondering if he'd like to get Buchanan Enterprises back, for a price. He tells Clint about the document he has with Rex's signature on it and texts Clint a photo of it. After Clint hangs up, Viki's upset to hear Clint is considering Cutter's offer. She doesn't believe that Rex signed the document. If it's real, why does Cutter have it?


Roxy finds Rex behind Clint's desk at Buchanan Enterprises. She warns Rex not to get too used to it. He's going to have to give it all back. She explains about the document that Echo forged his signature on. She warns Clint could be on his way to kicking him out as they speak. Rex ushers Roxy out, takes a call from Clint and agrees to meet him.


Rex arrives at Llanfair. Clint shows him the document Cutter texted him. Did Rex sign it? Rex claims it doesn't matter if he did. Rex is ready to give it all back. He admits his need for revenge almost destroyed him. "I should've never bargained with Gigi's heart," Rex says. He wants to put things back to the way they were. Rex gets the okay from Viki to move back into the carriage house then turns to leave. Clint stops him. He wants his son and grandson to continue living in Asa's house, free of charge. Viki tears up as Clint and Rex shake hands. After Rex leaves, Viki hugs Clint. Viki cries about the great gesture Clint just showed Rex. He just took an enormous step toward his son.


Kim's friend wakes up in the special care facility. She calls Cutter Rex. Cutter's upset that she can't remember who she is or any part of her life. He wants to leave! She wonders if they know each other. When he admits he's a friend of a friend, who got called away, she gets out of bed. Cutter catches her when she falls. "Who's Rex?" she asks. Cutter won't give her answers, which causes her to scream, "I just want to know who I am." A nurse comes in and sedates her. Cutter takes a call from Clint who tells him to take his document and shove it. Cutter hangs up and flips out. He looks at Kim's friend and gets an idea. Maybe she's his golden goose…


Packing up his desk at Buchanan Enterprises, Rex looks a photo of Gigi. He explains he's trying to make things right, so he can move on for Shane.


Mayor Finn enters Bo's office, furious that the charges were dropped against Todd. They argue over the case, which ends in the mayor firing Bo. He wishes her good luck in explaining to the public why she fired him and warns it won't be good for her mayoral campaign. She realizes Bo's right and rehires him. Mayor Finn warns if he doesn't find Victor's murderer soon, he'll be fired for good.


In the courtroom, Todd's distracted by visions of shooting Victor. Starr hopes the judge will go easy on them since the murder charge was dropped. When Todd grabs his head, Blair wonders what's wrong. Court is called to order. Tea appears, and Blair's asked to leave. Once she's gone, Tea moves that all charges be dropped against Todd and Starr. Nora only agrees to drop the charges against Starr if Todd pleads guilty and serves two years in prison. Tea objects. Nora takes offense at Tea's defense of Todd and rescinds her offer. When Starr's deemed to be tried as an adult, Todd demands they leave her alone. Blair finds Tomas outside the courtroom and wonders why he's still lying about killing Irene. Tomas admits he's lied and killed over and over again for Irene. He feels he deserves this. Blair suggests he doesn't care enough about her to tell the truth. "I love you," Blair," Tomas replies. "I'm saving Todd for you because you asked me too." Tomas wonders if Blair's still in love with Todd. Nora, Tea, Starr and Todd appear. Todd pled guilty. They both got suspended sentences and have to do community service. Nora makes a jab about Todd softening up the judge by taking the fall for Starr. Tomas congratulates Todd then is led into the courtroom by Tea. Later, Blair asks Todd why he's free and Tomas isn't. Can Todd really let Tomas be put away for a murder he committed? In the courtroom, Tea asks if Tomas is ready to give everything up, including Blair, for Todd.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Cutter plans to use Kim's friend to get to the Buchanan fortune.

Starr is threatened by Rick.

Irene pays Todd another ghostly visit.

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