I'm Ford. I'm Cord.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Cord gives Ford a warning, Aubrey and Rex start to bond, and Nora and Bo debate dropping the charges...

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Cord answers the door to Ford and Ryder at Llanfair. "I'm Ford," he states. "I'm Cord," Jessica's brother replies, refusing to shake Ford's hand. Cord warns Ford never to hurt Jessica again then shakes his hand. In the living room, Tina startles Jessica, who's looking at Liam's paternity test. Jessica hides the paper. Tina admits her dog stole some legal paper of Victor's. She can't find it and promised to return it to Tea. Has Jessica seen it? Cord and Ford appear with Ryder. Ford starts to head out. He's going to Capricorn. Jessica stops him and wrangles an invitation. Tina and Cord offer to watch Ryder. After Ford and Jessica leave, Cord expresses how proud he is of Tina for trying to change. With Cord by her side, it's easy. Later, Tina wonders what would've happened had Clint not interrupted them. Cord leans in for a kiss.


At the cabin, Todd thinks back to shooting Victor and claims he fell due to his injuries. Tea explains how Nora has to drop the charges against him. Todd panics and worries the cops will find the gun at the bottom of the river. Tea reminds Todd the gun could exonerate him. What's changed since she left? Why is Todd scared to turn himself in? Todd thinks he's going crazy and apologizes to Tea for involving her during her grief. She agrees he should've never asked for her help but takes his hand and urges Todd to leave with her.


Over at the station, Natalie stands by while John questions Brody about threatening Victor. Was Victor holding something over Brody? John brings up the fact that Brody has other guns. Brody accuses John of making this personal because Liam's his son, not John's. Natalie tries to hush Brody, who pushes John's buttons for throwing Natalie and Liam away. John shoves Brody and snaps, "Knock it off!" John warns Brody to never talk to him like that again. He knows Brody's hiding something and won't stop until he finds out what it is. Natalie privately admits to John that Brody crossed a line, but he was right about everything he said.


Bo and Nora discuss Todd in his office. Bo admits Todd's different. Nora still doesn't trust him. Since they don't have evidence to tie Todd to Victor's murder, Bo warns, "You're going to have to cut Todd loose." Bo admits they didn't find the gun when they dragged the river. Nora's not surprised it wasn't where Todd said it was. She hears Tea's bringing Todd in tonight. They joke about the mayor firing Bo over the case. Nora doesn't think it would happy though, considering the mayor has a thing for Bo. Later, Tea appears with Todd and demands the charges be dropped. Nora orders Todd to look her in the eye and tell her he didn't kill Victor.


When Rex doesn't find Blair at Capricorn, Aubrey apologizes for ratting Rex out to Bo. She explains Cutter's involvement and how they found the gun. Aubrey even dumped Cutter because of Rex. She admits Cutter wanted her to make the moves on Rex. She couldn't do it. Aubrey gave up Cutter in an attempt to go straight, especially after what happened with Joey. Talk turns to Gigi. Aubrey comforts Rex, who blames himself for not being there for Shane. Rex wants to distract Shane and hopes he'll help him throw Natalie and Brody an engagement party. He worries Echo and Roxy's interference will ruin it. Aubrey offers to help but assumes Rex wouldn’t trust a former con-artist. Rex admits he was one too until Bo came along. Rex accepts Aubrey's help but insists on paying her. Aubrey agrees. Nearby, Jessica fills Ford in on what Tina said about the paper. She knows Victor hated John. Maybe he was keeping Liam's paternity from him. "Like you're doing?" Ford asks and wonders if she's going to tell John.


Kim's friend is told she's in a special care facility in Kentucky. A doctor stops Kim's friend, who can't remember anything, from getting out of bed. When the doctor leaves, Cutter approaches her. Kim's friend begs him to help her. "Please tell me who I am," she cries. Cutter explains the accident she was in with her sister and that her name is Morasco. "I'm sorry," Cutter says. "Your sister died." She becomes hysterical. The doctor reenters and sedates Kim's friend, who screams, "Why won't you tell me about my life?" Cutter's irked when the doctor asks him to stay and keep her calm when she wakes up. Later, he whacks her over the head with the document saying when she wakes up, she better tell him who she is, so he can get out of there.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Starr and Todd come face to face.

Cord and Tina come to a decision.

Tina wants to prove her remorse and offers to plan Natalie's wedding.

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