It's All Coming Back, Isn't It?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Victor's killer is revealed, Brody's asked to turn over his weapon, and Roxy is not happy...

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Natalie visits with Rex at the Buchanan Mansion. Over talk of Shane, Rex thinks Gigi's messages meant that he needs to make Shane his priority. Later, Roxy barges in, screaming for Echo to appear. They need to talk about the document! "What document," Rex asks from the living room doorway. Roxy tries to leave. Rex stops her. After she convinces Rex she only wanted Echo to sign a release form, for when she dyes her hair, he brings up Natalie and Brody's engagement. Roxy's furious. Natalie doesn't love Brody. She loves John, and he loves Natalie. John told Roxy as much the other night. Roxy wants to tell Natalie. Rex stops her and demands that Roxy let Natalie be happy with Brody. That's what Natalie wants.


In his office, Tea assures Bo Todd will turn himself in once the murder charge is dropped. Bo reminds Tea that Todd had motive to kill Victor. He points to Shaun's phone, containing Victor's voicemail. She begs to hear it. Bo reluctantly hands Tea the phone then gives her a minute alone. Tea listens to Victor being shot. Bo returns. Tea claims Todd didn't kill Victor. Bo agrees to talk to Nora but hopes Tea isn't putting her faith in the wrong person.


Outside in the station, Shaun approaches John and tells him about his conversation with Vimal. He thought Victor's murderer was a cop. John thanks Shaun then joins Brody and tells him about Vimal's claim. "Let's clear everyone on the force," John says. "Including you." Brody's defensive and wonders if John's trying to pay him back for being with Natalie. John remains calm. Natalie appears, hears John's request and threatens to tell Bo. Brody hands his gun over and challenges, "Test it." John brings up Vimal and Brody's argument on the night Victor died. Brody claims their fight had nothing to do with Victor. Soon after, the test results from Brody's gun come in. It wasn't used to shoot Victor. Natalie slips about 'the secretary' and is forced to admit she overheard Brody… Brody comes clean. He threatened to kill Victor if he hurt his family. John wonders how Victor could've hurt Brody's family.


Todd looks at a photo of Tea and Victor at the cabin, wondering who killed his brother. Irene reappears and says, "I know you missed me." Todd orders Irene out of his head. All her work to frame him for Victor's murder was a waste of time. Irene calls Todd 'a guilty man'. She urges Todd to think back to the night of Victor's murder. Todd remembers going to the Manning Estate. "It's all coming back, isn't it?" Irene asks. Todd found Jack's keys and entered the mansion. He remembers shooting Victor dead. Todd falls to the floor and rests his head in Irene's lap, who asks, "Isn't it good to have your memory back?" Todd remembers wiping his prints off of everything and says, "How could I kill my own brother." Irene admits she put the bug in Todd's head and urged him to kill Victor. Irene reminds Todd he's Victor Lord's son. He should never forget it because no one else will. Todd stands up and smashes a mug to the floor. Later, Tea appears and rushes to Todd, who's lying on the floor.


Dani and Nate finish watching the DVD at the Manning Estate. Nate asks for another chance. She agrees to a date and asks to take things slow. Nate's ecstatic.


At The Spotted Pony, Rama tells Kim she's there to collect. Kim promises to pay Rama back. Cutter appears. Kim asks him to verify their deal that's going to make them rich. Cutter refuses, calls in some cops and points to Kim. "I think you're busted," Rama tells Kim. Cutter acts as though he's with Rama. They went to the police to report that Kim's the killer. Rama shows her a photo of Kim standing over the man that Cutter drugged years ago. Kim screams at Cutter for setting her up. Kim runs, but Rama grabs her. The cops have to break up their fight. Once Kim's in cuffs, Cutter privately warns that Rama was coming after Kim anyway. It was her or him. As Kim's dragged away, she screams for Cutter to take care of Stacy.


Kim's friend opens her eyes in the special care facility and whispers, "Rex, don't give up… Help." A nurse appears and calls in a doctor. Cutter appears just as the doctor asks if Kim's friend knows her name. She looks at Cutter.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Aubrey and Rex start to bond.

Jessica surprises Ford by accepting his invitation to Capricorn.

Nora and Bo debate dropping the charges against Todd.

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