What Are You Going To Do, Kill Me?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Rama makes threats, Kim's friend wakes up, and Todd debates turning himself in...

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In Bo's office, Blair wonders what he intends to do about what Shane did. Bo explains that Shane was looking for a confession and admitted he knocked Jack out the night of Victor's murder. He took Jack to the hospital. Blair's comforted that Shane's confession will clear Todd of knocking Jack out. Bo agrees it would if Todd wasn't hiding out, where only his closest friends would know. The mayor won't release Starr until Todd's brought in. Bo suggests 'someone' tell Todd to turn himself in. Blair wants Shane charged. Bo reminds her of the charges Jack will face if she pushes this. If Jack recants his statement, he won't suffer any consequences. Blair just wants to do right by her son. Bo understands.


Tea calls Dani from the cabin and lies, claiming she just left the Manning Estate. Dani opens the door but doesn't see Tea outside. Tea finishes up the call then fills Todd in on how Jack refuses to fess up. Blair calls. Tea relays to Todd that neither Rex nor Shane killed Victor. She explains that Jack's eye witness account no longer holds water, due to Shane's confession. However, the cops still think Todd could be Victor's killer and won't release Starr. Tea stops Todd from leaving. He's thankful for Tea's help. Tea makes it clear she's doing this for Victor, not Todd. He apologizes and listens as Tea rants about wanting to strike a deal for him, before he turns himself in, so Todd doesn't pay for a crime he didn't commit. Todd agrees to stay put and to be there for Tea. After she leaves, Todd finds a photo of Victor and Tea. He wonders who killed Victor and turns when he hears a door open.


Dani runs into Nate on her way out of the Manning Estate. He hands Dani a gift for her birthday tomorrow. Dani cries. Until now she forgot about her birthday. She rants about her family and her mom's recent lie. Dani thinks Tea's with Todd and says, "I'm scared." Nate wants to cheer her up and urges Dani to open her gift. She thanks him for the DVD and invites Nate to watch it with her.


Tea goes to Bo's office. Todd's ready to turn himself in, but Tea wants something in return.


At the Buchanan Mansion, Echo apologizes to Rex for thinking he was guilty. Rex wonders why Echo didn't just get rid of the gun. She thinks back to Kim's blackmail and signing the document. Just as Echo starts to confess, Shane appears. Once Echo leaves, Rex asks why Shane didn't tell him what he had done to Jack the night of Victor's murder. It's not like Shane killed Victor. "No," Shane replies. "But I thought you did." They promise to be honest from here on out. Rex also knows it's time to accept that Gigi is dead.


In the special care facility, Kim talks to Stacy about the paper that Rex signed. Her only regret is that Kim won't be able to give Clint the news herself and look like the hero. She hates that Cutter always gets what he wants. Kim thinks back to the guy Cutter drugged at The Spotted Pony. They were going to scam him. The man reacted badly to the drugged drink. Cutter promised to get rid of the body. Kim explains how she had to convince Cutter that Stacy wasn't Gigi. That would be just crazy, right? Echo calls and wants the document back. Kim's stunned to hear that the gun she gave Echo didn't kill Victor. She tells Echo she doesn't have the paper and hangs up. Kim rushes off to The Spotted Pony and can't wait for the day when she doesn't have to work there anymore. Later, just as Shane and Rex say a final goodbye to Gigi back in Llanview, the woman in the bed opens her eyes.


Cutter meets Rama at The Spotted Pony. When Cutter denies knowing where Kim is, Rama threatens to go to the cops and tell them what happened there. She thinks back to going to The Spotted Pony, years ago, to get the money back that his sister stole from her. She found Cutter there instead with a dead body. Cutter won't tell Rama where Kim is. Rama has proof of his past crime. Cutter recalls keeping Rama quiet by warning her that Vimal's family wouldn't approve of her involvement. He remembers Rama snapping a photo. She shows Cutter the photo of him and the dead body on her phone. He refuses to let Rama hold this over him. "What're you going to do, kill me?" Rama asks. Cutter proposes another option. Later, Kim appears and is confronted by Rama, who's there to settle a score.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Roxy is not happy to hear Natalie and Brody are engaged.

John asks Brody to turn over his weapon for testing.

Victor's killer is finally revealed.

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