I Thought You Might Have Some Information For Me.

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

John visits Jessica, Kim gives Cutter the document, and Shane confesses...

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At Llanfair, Jessica stares at Liam's paternity results, wondering what to do. John arrives and says, "I thought you might have some information for me." Jessica's relieved that John's asking after Todd. She hasn't seen him. John thinks she's holding back. Is there something Jessica wants to tell him? They're interrupted by Ryder's cries. John holds him and admits he's not okay with Brody and Natalie's engagement. John thanks Jessica for being honest, knowing she would've told him had she seen Todd. He leaves.


Blair knocks on the cabin door. Tea touches her shoulder and scares Blair from behind. They go inside. After Blair hears Todd's in bed, she fills Tea in on Jack. He's hell-bent on seeing Todd fry. Tea brings up Rex. Blair agrees. Rex had motive to kill Victor.


Jack tries to leave the cemetery. Shane won't let him and demands Jack tell him what he did to Gigi. Jack refuses and taunts, "I bet that gun isn't even loaded." Shane fires the gun. Jack thinks he's shot, but the dampness isn't blood. He peed his pants. Just as Jack starts to fess up, Rex and Bo appear. Rex is able to get Shane to drop the gun. Bo picks it up, as Shane falls into Rex's arms.


At the station, over talk of Victor's murder Brody admits if someone had kept him from his kids he would have… Natalie wonders if Brody would have killed over it. She brings up the lack of evidence against Todd and wonders who else could've killed Victor. Brody thinks back to Vimal asking if he killed Victor. Bo and Rex appear with Shane and Jack. Bo hands the gun over to Brody for testing. It could be the murder weapon. After Bo heads into his office, Jack and Brody bicker. Jack insists all cops are corrupt. Inside Bo's office, Shane confesses... He took the gun the night of Victor's murder. Shane wanted to make Victor and Jack pay. He knocked Jack out and was standing over Jack with the gun. "I couldn't do it," Shane explains and denies killing Victor. He got worried when Jack wouldn't wake up and dropped him off at the hospital. "He killed my mom, and I save his life," Shane says. He put the gun back in the safe and went to bed. Bo recalls the weapon had been fired. Shane took a practice shot before he went to Jack's. Outside, John arrives and gets brought up to speed. The results from the gun are in. Natalie opens Bo's door and tells everyone the gun wasn't used to kill Victor. Bo scolds Jack for his lies and orders Brody to take him home. Brody listens as Bo tells John, "We're back to square one. Anybody could've done it."


Still in the special care facility, Cutter asks, "How do you know Stacy didn't already take Gigi's place?" Kim was there when Stacy ended up in the coma. She begged Stacy to revisit the surgeon and get her face back. Instead Stacy went to Llanview. Stacy tracked Gigi to the house Jack lured her to. Kim tracked Stacy and found her passed out from the carbon monoxide at the bottom of the stairs. Stacy was wearing the same clothes Kim had seen her in earlier. Kim also found Gigi locked in the room, dead. Kim carried Stacy out first. She was going to go back for Gigi, but Rex arrived. Stacy's been like this ever since. "Do you believe me now?" Kim asks. Cutter does but reminds Kim the cops will blame Stacy and Kim for Gigi's murder. He demands Kim turn over the papers Rex signed. She agrees if Cutter promises to help take care of Stacy. He does and leaves.


Rama and Vimal approach Aubrey at Capricorn. Aubrey shares that she and Cutter broke up. The girls step away to talk. Vimal looks at a headline about Todd and thinks about Brody. Shaun appears. They reminisce over Victor. Shaun thinks Victor will get justice. The cops have their man, Todd. "Yeah, maybe," Vimal replies. Shaun wonders if Vimal thinks someone else did the deed. Vimal met Todd and didn't get a killer vibe from him. He hears a 9mm killed Victor. It's a standard gun carried by the LPD. Shaun can't believe he's implying that a cop killed Victor and refuses to believe it. Nearby, Aubrey confides in Rama about the gun and how Cutter didn't turn it in. Rama compares Cutter to his bitch sister. Aubrey admits she met Kim, who returned to Llanview. Rama's furious to hear that her money paid for Kim's plastic surgery. Rama thinks back to knowing Cutter's secret and vows to find out where Kim is. Rama privately calls Cutter and demands he meet her.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Rama threatens to have Kim arrested.

Todd debates turning himself in.

Stacy wakes up.

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