How Else Am I Going To Take Her Life?

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Kim recalls seeing Stacy again, Shane thinks back, and Cutter has a plan...

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At Capricorn, Aubrey chats with Cutter then joins Bo at the bar. He's looking for Blair and asks if Aubrey's seen Todd Manning. She hasn't and is stunned to hear a murder weapon hasn't been turned in. Aubrey glances across the room at Cutter. She walks over to him, throws a beer in his face and asks where the gun is. Cutter doesn't know and begs for forgiveness. Aubrey dumps him. She's trying to be a better person and won't be able to trust him again. Aubrey rejoins Bo. She has some information for him about Victor's murder.


In the special care facility, Kim promises Stacy that good times are coming. Stacy will be as happy as she once was in the broken framed photo. Kim anticipates Clint getting his money back. In turn, he'll help Kim get Stacy better care. Kim recalls the first time she saw Stacy after David ran her out of Llanview. She thought Gigi had walked into The Spotted Pony. Kim admits Cutter knows she's alive. Kim remembers Stacy showing her the boots she left her at the frozen pond and how she screamed, "I'm not Gigi. I'm Stacy!" It wasn't until Stacy told Kim things only the two of them knew when Kim believed her. Wondering why Stacy looked like Gigi, Stacy had replied, "How else am I going to take her life?" Stacy didn't want to talk about how she survived. She was too consumed with how quickly everyone had forgotten her. Stacy had found the plastic surgeon in South America. She even claimed to have seen 'the' Erica Kane in his office. Kim tried warning Stacy that Rex loved Gigi, not her. She yells at Stacy lying in a coma, calling her stubborn. Kim wishes she would've been able to talk Stacy out of trying to take over Gigi's life. As Kim goes to leave, to bring Clint the papers that Rex signed, Cutter appears and says, "You're not going anywhere."


Rex enters the Buchanan Mansion, suspicious over finding Echo and Roxy together. Echo hides the gun in a flower vase then joins Rex and Roxy in the living room. They admit to knowing Rex killed Victor. He denies it. Echo explains how she found the gun had been fired. "Not by me," Rex replies. They bring up Shane. Roxy and Echo don't want Shane to lose the one parent he has left. They vow to keep Rex's secret. Again, Rex denies killing Victor. Out in the foyer, Shane approaches the vase, takes out the gun and remembers smashing Jack over the head with it. Shane recalls hearing a shot and jumps. He leaves. When Echo and Roxy emerge from the living room to show Rex that a bullet was missing from the gun, they find the plastic bag in the vase empty.


Blair joins Jack at Victor's grave and brings up his conversation with Starr. She admits she never believed Jack's eye witness account of Victor's murder. Jack calls Blair a liar, who begs him to talk to her. He's shutting down on her now like he did when Gigi died. She accuses Jack of helping the real killer get away with murder. Can he live with the lies? Blair vows to always love Jack, no matter what, and leaves. Jack talks to Victor's grave. He wishes Victor could tell him who killed him. Shane appears behind Jack with the gun in his hand.


Up at the cabin, Todd doesn't believe Rex could kill anyone. Tea begs to differ. Rex was grieving Gigi and still blames Jack for her death. Tea gives Todd some more meds then talks about the cold look Rex has had in his eyes since Gigi's death. Todd fears for Jack's safety. Tea stops Todd from leaving. He begs her to do something. If Tea's right about Rex, Jack is in danger. Tea calls Bo and puts a bug in his head, suggesting Rex had motive to kill Victor. She orders Bo to question Rex and threatens to call Bo out in court about how his personal relationship with Rex halted his investigation. She hangs up. Todd's happy to see Tea hasn't changed. She really gave Bo hell. They talk about Victor and how much Tea loved him. She tries calming Todd down. If Rex thinks Bo suspects him, he won't go after Jack. Tea vows to make Rex pay… if he killed Victor.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Echo finds out the gun is still missing.

Rex swears he didn't kill Victor.

Clint wonders if Viki is ready to date again.

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