I Thought You Were Dead.

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Tina and Cord have it out, Blair helps Todd, and Tea has bad news...

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In her bedroom, Tea dreams about Victor. Tina enters and asks if Tea's seen her dog. She had initially found her in Tea's bedroom and thought maybe little David Vickers came back to hide or to steal another piece of paper. What paper? Tina only knows it looked like some sort of legal thing. Tea realizes it came from Victor's box. Over talk of the bomb, Tina admits she's glad Irene's dead. They talk about Starr, Tomas and Todd's legal problems. Tea believes Todd's innocent and hopes he's all right. While Tina looks around for her dog, Tea leaves a message for Blair. Tina returns and comments about how strong Tea is. Tea has to be but admits she thought Tina was Victor entering her room. She offers to be there for Tea, who hugs her sister-in-law. Tina promises to return the paper her dog stole, if she finds it, then leaves.


Todd sleeps at Viki's cabin. Blair touches his face. He snaps awake, grabs her arm and asks, "What are you doing?" Blair calms Todd, who admits he killed Irene. Todd starts shivering. Blair realizes he's burning up. She calls Dorian and convinces her to call in a prescription. Todd gets upset, doesn't want Blair to leave and asks, "Am I going to die?" Blair admits Dorian thinks he has an infection. He doesn't want to die or want Blair to leave. Blair calls Tea for help. She admits Todd killed Irene. Tea promises to bring the meds as soon as she deals with Tomas and Starr at the LPD. Blair cries as she ends the call. Todd wonders if she's crying because he's going to die or because he's going to live. Blair assures Todd he's going to be fine. Later, Blair finds Todd unresponsive.


At Llanfair, Jessica looks at Liam's paternity results and grabs a match. "It might be safer to shred that," Cord says from the doorway. Jessica shoves the paper in her purse and catches up with Cord. He apologizes for what Tina did the last time she was in town. Cord brings up all of Tina's secrets and blackmail. Jessica wonders if she's still capable of blackmailing someone these days. Cord doesn't know and wonders what's bothering Jessica. She covers and thanks Cord for being in her corner. After Jessica leaves, Tina arrives, worried sick about her dog, saying it's the worst thing that's ever happened to her. Cord's offended and reminds Tina of when Sarah went missing, due to Tina's actions. They recall what Carlo did to them and how Tina went over the waterfall years ago. "I'll never forget it," Tina says. "Neither will I… I thought you were dead," Cord replies. Tina admits she never stopped thinking about Cord. When she was well enough to return to him, he was remarried. Memories turn to their marriage and Sarah's birth. Tina leans in to kiss Cord. He stops her and reminds Tina she wasn't even sure he was Sarah's father. She recalls their undying love. Isn't that all that matters? He agrees and leans in to kiss Tina.


Ford wakes up and yells at James for making so much noise in their kitchen. He's packing a bag for Starr. Ford offers to help, but there's nothing he can do. James feels bad for not being able to get Jack to tell the truth. Ford assures him that Starr won't think any less of him. She needs James now. Later, Jessica and Ryder arrive. Jessica shares her fight with Natalie. Ford assumes nothing will stop Brody and Natalie's wedding now. She watches Ford and Ryder interact. They talk about when everyone thought Brody was Ryder's father. Ford still felt such a connection to him. When he found out the truth, it was the best day of his life. "Please stop," Jessica begs then tells Ford about babysitting Liam. He wonders if Jessica's come to terms with Brody, Natalie and Liam as a family. She shows Ford Liam's paternity results.


A guard taunts Starr from outside her jail cell, saying by now someone probably already finished off her dad. Tomas warns him to cool it. After the guard walks away, Tomas comforts Starr. She demands to know what happened to her father and worries Irene killed him. James arrives and tells her about Jack. As Starr panics, James orders Tomas to tell Starr what he knows. Tea appears and tells Starr Todd's been shot. She assures Starr he's safe with Blair, but Todd's condition is really bad. Tea follows Tomas out for his hearing.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd and Blair reminisce over their history together.

Jack taunts Starr in jail.

Ford questions Jessica's motives over keeping the truth about Liam a secret.

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