McPain, What Are You Doing Here?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

John looks for Todd, Tomas is urged to confess, and Blair calls Dorian...

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John arrives at the mansion. Sam wonders if he's in trouble. John wants Sam to help him find the man with the line on his face. Did the man kill his dad? John plans to find out. Sam plays with some 'silly bandz' and hands one to John, since he can't give it to his dad. John puts it on. "McPain, what are you doing here?" Jack asks, entering the kitchen. Even though Sam insists he's on duty, Jack sends him off to bed. John warns Jack to call the cops if Todd gets in touch with him then leaves.


At the station, Tea demands Tomas tell the truth. He sticks to his story. Natalie appears and admits they found two blood samples at the scene. She urges Tomas to tell John about Todd's involvement before they get the forensics' results back. Tea privately pleads with Tomas to come clean. Tomas reminds Tea that Todd's life will be over. Tea wonders why this is Tomas' problem. John appears. The results come in and prove Todd's blood was at the scene. Tomas has nothing more to say. John orders Tomas to be booked. Later, John praises Natalie for her work. She thanks him and says, "I should probably get home to Brody and the baby." She jokes about the bracelet Sam gave him. John's always been good with kids.


Down in the jail, Starr fills James in on Jack's lies. She knows how James can get Jack to admit the truth. James agrees to help and leaves. One of the guards Starr held at gunpoint appears. He warns Starr and Todd are both going down. Tomas is brought in and thrown into a cell next to Starr's. Tea promises she'll try to get Starr out by morning. She whispers for Tomas not to tell Starr that Todd's been shot. Tea hopes Blair finds Todd.


James arrives at the mansion and warns Jack that Todd's back in custody. The cops also found the gun and are running tests on it now. If it comes back that Todd's telling the truth, it'll prove Jack's lying. The sooner Jack tells the truth, the easier the cops will go on him. Jack hears a news report on Todd still being at large and snaps at James for trying to trick him. James admits it but warns that Jack better come clean.


Jessica talks to Liam at the loft about John. Doesn't John deserve to know that Liam's his son? Brody arrives and cuddles with Liam. She stares at the paternity test in her purse, as Brody thanks her, hoping they can be friends again. He asks Jessica to make peace with Natalie and the family they've made. Jessica can see how happy Brody is and reflects on how he lost Shane. Brody accepted Shane wasn't his and says, "But Liam is really mine." Jessica touches the paternity results. She knows how it feels to be broken. If Liam heals Brody, she'd never do anything to make him feel broken again. Brody thanks Jessica. Natalie appears and thanks her too. She offers to return the favor someday. After Jessica leaves, Brody admits this horrible chapter in their life might finally be over.


Blair finds Todd unconscious on Viki's cabin floor. She feels for a pulse and starts crying. Blair wonders how she's going to tell Todd's kids he's dead. Todd opens his eyes and says, "Don't you go burying me yet." He explains how Irene shot him. Blair puts pressure on his wound with one of Viki's pillows. He screams in pain and hears Starr's been arrested. Todd explains why he needed Starr's help and refuses to let Blair call 911. Irene got rid of the gun that could clear him. Blair agrees to clean his wound but refuses to take the blame if he dies. Both in tears, they manage to get Todd's shirt off. Blair orders Todd to stay with her then calls Dorian for help. "I want a real doctor," Todd rants. Blair hushes him then fills Dorian in. There's no exit wound. Dorian talks Blair through taking the bullet out, passing along a message to Todd saying, "This might hurt a little." Todd totally trusts Blair and bites down on a pen as she digs out the bullet. Blair needs to leave to be there for Starr. Todd convinces her not to leave him. "I'll stay," Blair cries.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Blair helps Todd fight for his life.

Tea has bad news for Starr.

Tina and Cord have it out again.

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