As Good A Place To Die As Any.

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Starr lands in jail, Jessica almost confesses, and Blair finds Todd at the cabin...

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Natalie answers her door to Jessica. She isn't in the mood for another go-round. Jessica holds Liam's paternity results behind her back. She wants to talk and insists on doing it now. If she sleeps on it, Jessica might never go through with it. Natalie lets her in. Liam wakes up. Natalie gathers him and states that he misses his dad. Jessica wonders if Liam ever gets confused, considering he thought John was his dad before Brody. Natalie takes offense and demands to know why Jessica is there. She apologizes for her negative comments. Natalie does too, especially her comment about Mitch. Natalie knows blood doesn't mean family. "Except it does," Jessica replies. She thinks everyone should know the truth about where they came from. Jessica takes out Liam's paternity results and says, "If there's any truth to this… I found this." The phone interrupts. Natalie's called into work and allows Jessica to stay with Liam. After Natalie leaves, Jessica picks up Liam, noting he could be John's son, and asks, "What am I going to do?" If the test is real, Brody will lose his family. Natalie will run back to John and have everything she ever wanted. If Jessica keeps the secret, she's no better than Clint, who created this whole mess to begin with. No matter what Jessica does, someone will get hurt.


At the docks, Tomas confesses that he killed Irene. John demands to know where Todd is. Tomas lies that he hasn't seen him. John doesn't believe Tomas, especially when he claims Irene jumped him. After John leaves with Tomas, Natalie arrives. She fills Brody in on her conversation with Jessica, who's watching Liam. Natalie doesn't trust that Jessica's completely sorry but knows she'd never hurt Liam. Natalie collects evidence from the crime scene, hoping to back up John's belief that Tomas is lying. She sees a blood stain on the wall. Brody verifies that Tomas wasn't shot. From the position of the stain, it couldn't be Irene's.


In the station, Blair has a fit that Starr has to stay locked up all night. Tea picks up the papers Blair swiped and warns her to get a grip on her emotions. Blair can't believe Todd got Starr arrested and is now off running who knows where. Tea wonders why they keep running to Todd's rescue. As mad as she is, Blair knows if they don’t no one else will. John brings Tomas in, who tells Tea, "I killed Irene Manning." As the cops are preparing to process Tomas for murder, he warns Blair Todd's been shot. She needs to get to him before he bleeds out. He has no idea where Todd went but told him to find someplace safe. Blair wants to tell John. Tea explains that Blair needs to get to Todd now. It's best for everyone from a legal standpoint. Later, Tea realizes that Tomas didn't shoot Irene. Todd did.


James arrives to see Starr in jail and rants about what she did. Starr would do it all over again for Todd. Over talk of the bomb, James wishes Starr would've came to him for help. Starr worries that Irene's going to kill Todd. James offers to do anything to help. She wants James to stay safe but asks if he can find out anything about Todd. James leaves then returns. He couldn't find out any news. Starr begs James to help her clear Todd's name.


John returns to the crime scene. After Natalie explains her findings, John assumes the other blood belongs to Todd.


Todd finds a spare key and lets himself into Viki's cabin. "As good a place to die as any," Todd says then falls to the floor. He can't pull himself up and begins hallucinating Irene. Todd claims Irene can't hurt him anymore. Irene taunts Todd with her presence. She vows that Todd will be with her and Victor forever, through eternity. Todd plans to stay alive and fight. Irene reminds Todd he's alone and says, "It's over." Todd passes out. When he wakes up, Irene taunts him about Starr going to jail for him and how his family will replace him yet again. Even Jack wants him dead. Irene assumes Todd only has twenty minutes to live. Todd eyes the phone and crawls toward it in pain. Despite Irene's degrading remarks, Todd grabs the phone and tells Irene to go to hell. "I'll see you there," she replies. Todd goes to dial for help but doesn't know the number. Later, Blair rushes in, sees Todd on the floor and cries, "No!"

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

What Natalie finds could put someone in her family in danger.

Tea tries to get Tomas to confess.

Jessica almost makes a confession to Brody.

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