What Was It Doing In Tina's Dog Carrier?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Jessica stops Brody from leaving, Bo risks his own life, and someone ends up dead...

What Was It Doing In Tina's Dog Carrier? image

At the loft, Natalie reflects on the end of her and John. Viki reminds Natalie that she and John had more issues other than Liam's paternity. Could they ever trust each other again? The baby changed John. Natalie didn't want to ruin his excitement. John will never trust her again for lying to him. Viki knows how much Natalie still loves John and asks, "Would you be marrying Brody if he wasn't Liam's father?" Natalie shares her dream about John being Liam's father. Viki knows how hard this has been for Natalie. Over talk of Jessica, Natalie doesn’t know if she'll ever forgive her and Brody. Viki wonders if Brody makes Natalie happy. Natalie wants to do what's best for Liam. She'll always love John. That's a memory. What she and Brody have is real. Natalie wants to focus on that. Viki plans to talk to Jessica again. Natalie wants Jessica to know she's sorry for their argument. Later, Natalie looks at a photo of her, Brody and Liam and remembers finding out Liam was Brody's son.


Jessica looks over Liam's paternity results at Llanfair, stunned that John's Liam's father. Brody appears on business. Todd escaped from jail. After Jessica allows Brody to search the mansion, she looks at the paternity test again. What was it doing in Tina's dog carrier? Brody returns and reports there's no sign of Todd. They briefly discuss Ryder then Brody starts to leave. Jessica stops him. They need to talk. Brody starts in on their situation and tells Jessica she needs to grow up and deal with him and Natalie. He rushes out. If the results are real, Jessica has to tell someone. Viki arrives and relays how sorry Natalie is. Viki never got the chance to talk to Victor before he died. Now it's too late. She doesn't want Jessica to lose that chance with Natalie. After Viki goes to check on Ryder, Jessica stares at the paternity results. Later, Viki returns, but Jessica's gone.

Jessica knocks on Natalie's door, holding Liam's paternity results.


Bo enters the Manning Estate. The coast is clear. He was able to throw the bomb into the pond. They hope David Vickers the dog got away unscathed. Tomas arrives, holds Tea close, and hears about Irene's release. Bo plans to bring Irene in for the bomb. They plead Starr's case, but Bo still arrests her. As Blair hugs Starr goodbye, she whispers that Todd went to meet Irene at the docks. Blair privately passes along Starr's message to Tomas and begs him to go after Todd. Tomas needs to stop Irene before she kills Todd. He kisses Blair then leaves.


On the docks, Irene explains that the explosion was the sound of Todd's family dying. Irene aims the gun at Todd and admits she inherited all of Victor's estate then blew up his family. Filled with grief, Todd shoves Irene to the ground and begins strangling her. Irene pushes on his bullet wound until Todd lets go. Todd grabs the gun, aims it Irene and screams how she ruined his life and killed his family. He shoots Irene and watches her die.


The mayor confronts John at the station. She's sick of rich people getting off on technicalities and urges him to only put people on the case against Todd who he trusts. Bo appears with Starr. The mayor praises Bo for saving Todd's family then suggests Todd planted the bomb. Tea arrives and prevents Starr from defending Todd further. Bo whispers for John to go find Irene. Blair turns up, which ticks off the mayor. Is Blair a coconspirator? She orders that Starr be booked. While Starr's taken away, Blair tells Tea how she sent Tomas to the docks after Todd. Brody joins John, who gets word of a shooting at the docks. They leave. When Starr reappears, the mayor orders Bo to put her in a cell.


Tomas arrives at the docks and confirms Irene's dead. Todd admits he killed her and hears his family is fine. Bo saved them. Todd knows he's going to fry for killing Irene. They already think he killed Victor. Tomas thinks it was self-defense. They hear sirens. Tomas has another way out of this. Soon after, when Brody and John appear, Tomas is ordered to drop the gun. Tomas admits he killed Irene. Todd is nowhere in sight.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jessica offers to babysit Liam.

Tomas lands in a cell as well.

Blair finds Todd at the cabin.

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