It Looks Like She's Trying To Tell Us Something.

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Lives are in danger, Viki questions Natalie, and David Vickers the dog goes missing...

It Looks Like She's Trying To Tell Us Something. image

At the Manning Estate, Bo demands to know where Todd is. Starr's furious that Jack turned Todd in. Jack admits Todd took Starr's car and offers to give Bo her license plate number. Tea doesn't know where Todd is but warns he went after Irene. Bo makes a call to update his officers then turns his attention to Starr. Starr explains why she helped Todd. Jack thinks Todd used her. Starr tells Bo about the note, the microchip and how Irene promised to return the gun in exchange for it. Bo has no choice and arrests Starr. Outside, David Vickers the dog nudges the bomb, scratches at the front door and starts barking. When Jack opens the door, everyone's surprised that Tina left her dog behind. Starr thinks the dog is trying to tell them something. Bo follows the dog, sees the bomb and warns them all to stay back.


Irene appears on the docks and faces Todd. After some back and forth jabs, Todd admits the microchip is in Victor Lord's ring. Irene recalls having it in her possession just a little while ago. Where is it now? Todd lifts his hand. The ring's on his finger. Irene charges for it. Todd pulls back and demands she turn over the gun he gave to Louie first. Irene takes it out of her bag and aims it at Todd. He notices it's not the same gun. Irene admits the gun Todd gave Louie is still with him, at the bottom of the river. Todd is filled with guilt and calls Irene a sick, disgusting monster. As he goes over everything she did to him, Irene replies, "I wish you'd just let this go." Todd throws the ring in the river. Furious, Irene seethes at Todd and aims the gun at him. The information on the microchip was all the bargaining she had to offer! Todd taunts her until Irene shoots him. Irene claims the microchip was the only thing keeping Todd alive. Todd's only wounded. Irene takes aim, planning to finish the job. They hear an explosion. "That was the sound of your family dying," Irene tells Todd.


In the living room at Llanfair, Tina rushes to hug Cord, who warns her away. He lashes out at Tina for her actions the last time she was in town. After Clint and Viki make a quick getaway, Cord and Tina rehash their past. Cord can't forget how she almost got Sarah killed. Tina makes excuses and blames her dog for trying to hook her up with Cain Rogan. When Tina brings up David Vickers the dog, Cord doesn't believe that she has a dog and thinks she's talking about the real David Vickers. Tina goes to get her dog and finds her missing. She doesn't notice Liam's paternity results in the dog carrier. Cord realizes Tina's serious and promises they'll find her dog. In the kitchen, Jessica holds a frozen bag of vegetables to her black eye. She thinks back to Natalie's harsh words. As Jessica throws the bag across the room, Viki and Clint appear. Viki's stunned to hear that Natalie and Jessica came to blows and that Natalie and Brody are engaged. Clint was going to tell Viki, who wants to confront Natalie. Jessica takes blame too. Viki's aghast that Jessica tried to strangle Natalie. Viki leaves to talk to Natalie. Clint explains that he gave Brody his blessing, hoping it would make things better between her and Natalie. Tina appears with the empty dog carrier. Jessica tersely assures Tina they haven't seen her dog. Tina drops the carrier and rushes off into Cord's comforting arms. Later, Jessica finds Liam's paternity results in the carrier, reads them and says, "Oh my God."


Brody brings Natalie, wearing a neck brace, home to the loft. She admits her fight with Jessica started due to their engagement then escalated to blatant insults. Natalie feels bad about bringing up Mitch, but Jessica's words hurt. Some of the things she said were undeniable. Even marrying Brody, Natalie still feels like an outsider in her family. Brody wants to be with Natalie and Liam but doesn't want her to lose her family due to him. She worries about her family not supporting them. Brody admits Clint gave him his blessing in the name of peace. Natalie doesn't think they'll have it for very much longer. When Viki arrives, Brody takes the blame for causing the issues between Natalie and Jessica. After Brody is called away on work, Viki assures Natalie she loves and worries about her. Does she really want to marry Brody? Natalie's trying to find some happiness and worries she'll lose Viki, along with Clint and Jessica. Viki asks where John fits into all of this. Natalie admits he doesn't love her anymore.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Jessica could change Natalie's life.

Bo risks his own life to save others.

One more person turns up dead in Llanview.

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