We Have To Do Something About Rex Balsom.

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Clint defends Rex, Shane thinks back, and Blair becomes furious...

We Have To Do Something About Rex Balsom. image

Bo finds the two guards bound and gagged in Todd's cell. He can't believe they let Starr break Todd out. Bo puts out an APB on Todd and Starr.


Upstairs at the Manning Estate, Tina looks for David Vickers the dog, who's inside Tea's bedroom sniffing at Liam's paternity results. When he barks, Tina finds him and wonders what he has. The dog refuses to give her the paper. Tina rants about only getting Victor's ring from Irene and samples a bit of Tea's perfume. Tina loads the dog into a carrier with the paper. She hopes it wasn't important. Downstairs, Todd tells everyone how Irene threatened to kill them. As the bomb ticks outside, he assumes it was an empty threat. Starr admits she busted Todd out of jail. Blair snaps at Todd for getting Starr involved. Jack appears and wonders what Victor's murderer is doing in his father's house. Starr blames Jack for Todd landing in jail, due to his lies. When Todd brings up the invisible ink, Blair questions how Starr could just take Todd's word that there was really writing on the note. Tea warns that Starr's in big trouble and can't promise she won't go to jail. Starr stands up for Todd. She'd break him out again if she had to. As Jack steps outside, and calls the cops on Todd, Tina appears and faces her brother. Todd wonders what Tina's after. Why is she there? When he sees Tina with Victor's ring, he remembers planting the microchip in it. He tells everyone and struggles with Tina over the ring. Viki demands Tina hand it over. After she does, Todd thanks Starr and rushes off to find Irene. Tea suggests Tina and Viki leave before the cops show up. Tina wants to go home with Viki, who finally agrees to let her stay at Llanfair for one night. Out in the foyer, the dog cries. Jack lets her out of the carrier and outside to do her business. The dog sniffs out the bomb and barks. Jack doesn't have time for games and wonders what's taking the cops so long. Tina, carrying the dog carrier, and Viki appear and leave. Jack hears Todd left and snaps at Tea, Blair and Starr for letting him go. Back outside, the dog continues sniffing at the bomb.


Clint is surprised to see Cord at Llanfair. They hug and talk about Clint's crimes and his heart attack. Cord brings up the troubles with Buchanan Enterprises and says, "We have to do something about Rex Balsom." Lately, Rex isn't cooperating with him and Kevin. The business is suffering. Cord wonders what's going on with Rex. Clint defends Rex and brings up his loss. Cord doesn't think Rex is cut out to run a business. As Cord bashes Rex, Clint snaps, "That's enough. Leave my son alone." Cord wonders when Clint's feelings toward Rex changed. As they argue over Rex, Bo appears and happily greets Cord. He picks up on the tension and wonders if they've seen Todd. They haven't. Viki's not home. She's at the reading of Victor's will. After Bo leaves on a tip, Cord apologizes for coming down on Rex. He can't help wonder why Rex wanted the company if he doesn't want to run it. Clint assures Cord they won't let the company go under. Cord understands what Rex is going through. He knows what it's like to lose the woman he loved. Suddenly, Viki and Tina appear.


Bo arrives at the Manning Estate and stops Blair and Starr from leaving.


In Angels Square, Shane recalls bashing Jack over the head on the night of Victor's murder. Rex appears and wonders what's wrong. Shane is distant and continues visualizing hitting Jack. This time he recalls aiming a gun at him and says, "Jack Manning." Shane relays how Jack is telling everyone Todd's the shooter. He thinks Jack's lying. Rex wonders why. Shane covers and claims Jack lies about everything. Rex reminds Shane Victor's murder has nothing to do with him and urges him to let it go. They look at the angel statue. Shane admits he imagines Gigi. He can hear her talking to him. Rex hears Gigi too and shares his experiences with Shane. She begs Rex not to give up. He shows Shane the note. It's Gigi's handwriting. Shane wonders if her messages have anything to do with Jack and his dad. Rex doesn't think Gigi would want them to seek revenge. Shane appears nervous when Rex says that Gigi's always watching over them.


Todd arrives on the docks, calling out to Irene. He has what she wants.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Irene's plan puts a few lives on the line.

Viki asks Natalie about her feelings for John.

Tina finds David Vickers the dog missing.

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