Heart Attacks Are For Old Guys.

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Starr debates breaking the law, Clint receives a visitor, and Jessica and Natalie come to blows...

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From his cell, Todd tells Starr she needs to bust him out now. If he doesn't give Irene what she wants, she'll kill everyone they love. He doesn't remember having the microchip but needs to get out. "Okay," Starr agrees. "Let's do this." Starr instructs Todd to fake a heart attack. "Heart attacks are for old guys," Todd whispers. "For people like Clint Buchanan." Starr screams for the guard. Todd falls to the floor. The guard thinks Todd is faking, but Starr convinces him to check on Todd while another guard stands watch. Starr grabs the gun from the guard closest to her and takes credit for the escape plan. Todd stands, ties the guards up and praises Starr. Now he just needs to find the microchip then kill Irene.


At the Manning estate, everyone's stunned Victor left everything to Irene. Tea looks at the papers, as Irene claims she knew nothing about the will. Viki hushes Tina, who thinks the will is a fake. Blair calls Irene a bitch. Irene handles the gun in her purse, warning Blair she'll be sorry. Tea can't find anything wrong with the will but plans to contest it. Viki warns Irene won't get away with this. The lawyer reminds everyone, as of tonight, everything belongs to Irene. Tina tries sucking up to Irene, who throws Tea and Dani out of the house. Irene asks Jack to stay and carry on the legacy by running The Sun. When Irene approaches Jack, Blair slaps her hard across the face. Tina brings Irene a cold-pack. She doesn't want to lose Irene just when she got her back. Viki scolds Tina, as Tea mumbles, "Unbelievable." Irene takes Tina's hand. Tina anticipates receiving something from the will. Irene hands Tina Victor Sr.'s ring. Blair taunts her nemesis about how rich she is now. The ring is only worth a couple hundred bucks in gold. Irene reflects on Victor's love for Tea and Dani and welcomes them to stay for one night. Viki refuses Irene's offer of friendship. Irene assures Jack she'll be in touch. He's so much like his father. After Irene leaves, Tea makes a call for an emergency motion to contest the will. She's promised one in an hour. After Destiny calls Dani, Tea urges her to go see her. Viki and Tina argue over past issues. From outside, Irene watches Dani rush off. She meets with a man. He hands something over and wonders if what she ordered isn't a little too extreme. Irene warned Todd and plans to show him how serious she was. She sets the bomb and places it in the bushes. Later, Todd arrives. Everyone's shocked to see him. He was worried but is glad they are all okay. The bomb ticks nearby.


Brody approaches Clint at Llanfair, wanting his blessing to marry Natalie. Clint reminds Brody of how much he's hurt Jessica and suggests he couldn't love a child who wasn't his. Clint couldn't be more wrong. Brody thinks about loving Liam and says he loves Bree. Brody wants Clint to think of Natalie too. Does Clint want to push her away? Clint shakes Brody's hand but warns he's not okay with this. He wants peace in the family. Brody thinks this is a start. Later, Clint is surprised when someone enters the room and says, "I can't believe you're here."


In Angels Square, Jessica grabs Natalie's hand and taunts her about her engagement to Brody and her ring. Natalie doesn't want to lose Jessica. Jessica knows Brody's Natalie's consolation prize. She'd leave him if John wanted her back, but says, "John doesn't love you." Jessica brings up their parents. They'll never accept what Natalie, the "trailer trash," has done. Natalie refuses to be Jessica's doormat. At least she owns up to her decisions. Jessica calls Natalie trash again. She wishes Natalie would've never found out she was a Buchanan. Jessica recalls how unreceptive the family was of Natalie back then. Natalie reminds Jessica that Clint isn't even her father. Mitch is. She's more of a Buchanan than Jessica will ever be. Natalie brings up Jared's death and how Tess nearly killed them all. Natalie forgave her. Why can't Jessica do the same? She calls Jessica crazy. Jessica slaps Natalie. Natalie slaps back. As the women struggle, Brody appears and breaks them up. "I'll hate you until the day you die," Jessica screams, as Brody carries Natalie away.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Shane thinks back to the night of Victor's murder.

Clint defends Rex.

Blair becomes furious with Todd for involving Starr.

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