Sample My Wiener.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Jessica seeks out Ford, Tina returns, and Rex wonders about Natalie's motives...

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Rex places his order at the diner and sees Gigi in place of the waitress. Natalie arrives and shows Rex her ring. She doesn't appear happy and relays her conversation with John. He wonders if Natalie's upset John didn't try to talk her out of marrying Brody. Natalie admits to overhearing John saying he doesn't love her anymore. Is that why she said yes to Brody? Natalie reminds Rex that she and Brody have a family. She and John don't. Over talk of dreaming that Liam's paternity test named John as his father, Rex can tell that's exactly what Natalie wishes. He urges her to hold out for John. Rex talks about Gigi. They almost had everything until Jack took it all away. Rex finally gives Natalie his blessing. After Natalie leaves, the waitress reappears. Rex sees Gigi again. The waitress leaves the bill, which reads: Don't give up.


Ford, dressed in his wiener suit, screams throughout Angels Square, "Sample my wiener!" Jessica appears, takes a wiener sample from his plate and replies, "Don't mind if I do." Jessica came looking for him and vents about Natalie accepting Brody's proposal. He wonders if Jessica feels as though she wants to deck someone and urges her to give him her best shot. She refuses. Ford taunts her with how Brody and Natalie have deceived her. Jessica slugs Ford, who falls to the ground, then quickly apologizes. Laughing, Ford asks for help up then pulls Jessica down on top of him. They stare into each other's eyes. Jessica hopes she didn't hurt Ford, who replies, "No, but you're crushing my wiener." The wiener suit. They stand up. Jessica thanks Ford for making her feel better. After Ford heads back to work, Jessica happily jumps rope with some nearby kids. Suddenly, Natalie appears and faces Jessica.


With her back to Viki, Irene holds a gun at Llanfair. Clint's nurse briefly interrupts as Irene says, "I've been waiting a longtime for this." Viki takes a call about Victor's will. Irene aims the gun at her from behind. When Viki hangs up, Irene walks past her. She plans to attend the reading.


At the Manning Estate, Tea privately tells Blair that Victor had his will re-done before she returned to Llanview. They never discussed its contents, but Tea assumes Victor left everything to his family. The lawyer represents the bank and doesn't know what's in the will. He's there to make sure it's properly executed. Tea and Blair make some calls but can't get a hold of Starr. Blair wonders if the estate now belongs to Todd. Tea debates on Victor's behalf. Viki arrives and assures them she tried to stop Irene from following her. Irene goes to Jack and says, "How about a kiss for your grandmother." Tea threatens Irene with a restraining order. Irene tries to hand Dani and Jack some candy and refuses to leave. The lawyer begins reading the will, "I Thomas Todd Manning…" He explains when the will was composed, that was the name used. He continues on until a dog runs in and pees on Blair's foot. Viki recognizes the dog. Tina rushes in, calls out to David Vickers then asks, "Am I too late?" They chastise Tina for her timing. She's stunned to see Irene. Tina hands David Vickers to Viki then faints. When Tina comes to, she demands answers in regards to Irene's presence. Everyone chimes in on Irene's crimes and how Todd had a twin. Viki suggests they delay the reading of the will. Tina won't hear of it and takes some jabs at Blair. The lawyer resumes… Victor's will leaves everything to Irene, who smiles, pleased.


In his jail cell, Todd reads Irene's note, threatening his family. Starr appears. Todd admits Irene's out, shows her the note and warns, "She'll kill every last one of you." Starr looks at the paper and appears confused. The paper's blank. Todd flips out and wonders if he's going crazy. Starr doesn't think so and explains how disappearing ink works. Starr wants to tell the police. Todd stops her. They need to work alone. He asks Starr to bust him out.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Clint receives a visit from Cord.

Jessica and Natalie come to blows.

Starr debates breaking the law for Todd.

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