A Bit Of Unfinished Business.

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Irene points a gun, Tea visits with Todd, and John sees Natalie's ring...

A Bit Of Unfinished Business. image

Viki opens the door at Llanfair to Irene. After she calls Bo, who confirms Irene cut a deal with the Feds, Viki tries throwing her out. Irene refuses to leave, looks around and recalls Llanfair as Victor's home. She claims to be sorry. Viki credits Irene for Victor Jr.'s death and brings up what she did to Todd. Irene says she did her best as a mother. It's Victor who had no right to leave everything to one son. Viki recalls how they were best friends and asks, "What happened to you?" Victor used Irene. Viki knows how that felt, but she didn't turn out like Irene, who brings up Viki's alters. Irene rants at Viki about using them as a scapegoat and screams, "I loved my children!" Viki talks about Tina and how Irene asked her to raise her because she claimed to be dying. Tina turned out to be as selfish and heartless as Irene. Viki orders Irene out. Irene has a bit of unfinished business to discuss and takes out a gun.


Tea arrives at the jail as Todd rants to Bo about Irene's release. Bo gives them some time alone. Todd reminds Tea she's the only one who can prove his innocence. Tea knows Jack's story is a little shady and fills Todd in on Blair's plan. If Todd wants Tea to represent him, she insists he tell her who's framing him, like he claimed to Dani. Todd admits Irene threatened him. She has the gun and made Louie go away. He doesn't remember anything about the microchip he stole, the one Irene's after. Again Todd promises he didn't kill Victor. He wouldn't do that to Tea or his kids. Tea believes Todd and agrees to represent him. He thanks her. Later, Todd receives a note from Irene with his meal. If she doesn't get the microchip back, she'll kill his loved ones - one by one. Irene orders Todd to meet her at the docks.


Dani finds the spilled contents of Victor's belongings on Tea's bed, including Liam's paternity test. Tomas appears. Dani shows him a photo from the pile then brings up her visit with Todd. Dani feels sorry for Todd. Tomas apologizes and takes the blame for Todd being locked up and tortured for eight years. Tomas turned him over to the agency. Dani blames Irene and worries what'll happy to Todd if he's innocent. Downstairs Jack demands to know what they're doing at the Manning Estate. Blair claims she left her wallet there then apologizes for bringing Jack, due to Victor's murder and how Jack witnessed it. Blair tries using reverse psychology to get Jack to admit the truth. They enter the house. Blair continues her ploy and talks about how in love she and Todd were. How could he kill Victor? Blair knows he'll burn in hell and assures Jack Todd will get the death penalty. "The what?" Jack gasps. Blair reminds Jack this isn't his fault. He just told the truth. "I didn't mean for Todd to die," Jack replies. Just as Jack is ready to confess, Tomas and Dani appear with Blair's wallet. Blair turns down an invitation from Tomas to spend the day with Jack, who clams up. He has nothing more to say. Tea arrives and privately tells Blair she believes Todd. Blair begins telling Tea she almost got Jack to open up. Jack appears and hears Tea's representing Todd. Suddenly, a lawyer arrives to talk to Tea about Victor's last will and testament.


At Rodi's, John has something to tell Natalie and starts talking about his conversation with Roxy. Natalie admits she overheard John say he didn't love her. She left afterward. Just as John tries to explain what Natalie missed, he spots her engagement ring. She admits Brody proposed. She wanted to tell John in person that she accepted. John congratulates them on becoming a family. What John had to say to Natalie doesn't matter anymore. He walks away. Bo finds Natalie as she's leaving. He wonders if she's okay. She claims to have something in her eye and leaves. Bo joins John, who relays Natalie's engagement. "It's like I said," John repeats what he Bo told earlier. "End of story."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Todd flips out over the note from Irene.

Ford tries to help Jessica.

Rex wonders about Natalie's motives.

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