Like Vodka And Orange Juice.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Roxy pesters John, the Ford brothers chat, and Blair admits something to Starr...

Like Vodka And Orange Juice. image

At Rodi's, John doesn't want to talk about Natalie. Roxy insists, saying John will have no life until he opens up about his feelings. Natalie listens nearby, as Roxy persists, "You and Natalie are like vodka and orange juice." John brings up Brody. Roxy assures John Natalie's not happy. Brody and Natalie are only together because John and Jessica gave them the boot. John thinks Natalie's doing just fine. Roxy doesn't think Natalie and Brody will be going down the aisle anytime soon and urges him to make a move. John orders Roxy to let it go. She agrees, only if John tells her he doesn't love Natalie anymore. "I don't love her anymore," John replies, causing Natalie to rush out. Roxy calls John a liar and taunts him about being scared. She goes on and on until John admits he still loves Natalie. Roxy warns John to tell Natalie before it's too late.


In the steam room, Ford and Nate bond over missing Tess and Dani. James misses Starr too. Ford takes offense. James and Starr have a relationship. Ford and Nate don't have one with their girls. James knows how it feels to be alone but refuses to apologize for being happy. James suggests Nate work for Dani's forgiveness. Ford is glad Rick's out of Nate's life. "Yeah," James replies. "And into mine." He explains how Rick's producing Starr and Baz's single. Talk turns to Tess and how Jessica wants her to stay buried. Ford hopes to concentrate on his relationship with Jessica, if she'll let him.


In her bedroom, Tea listens as Dani relays her visit with Todd. Dani reminds Tea that everyone deserves a defense. Tea refuses to defend the man who murdered her husband. She's furious Todd used Dani to get to her and says, "You don't know him like I do." Dani doesn't think she'll ever have the chance if Todd goes to jail. Tea thinks Dani would be better off, claiming Todd will hurt her. Dani remembers Victor hurting them too, but they loved him. What if Todd didn't kill Victor? Dani feels Todd is telling the truth. That's why she's asking Tea to help him. Todd needs Tea. She agrees to think about it and stares at an article on Victor's murder. Later, Dani takes a call from Nate. He heard about Todd's arrest. She thanks him for calling but isn’t receptive about things going any further. Dani returns to Tea and lies down next to her.


Starr joins Blair in the mansion's kitchen. She already knows Jack had Todd arrested. Jack appears, defends himself and explains what he saw the night of Victor's murder. He repeats the message left on Shaun's cell. Starr knows Jack's lying. "Give it up, Starr," Jack snaps. "Your dad killed mine." Starr pleads Todd's case to Jack and begs him to fess up to his mistake. She's stunned to hear Blair believes Jack. He'd never risk someone's life. Starr brings up Gigi. If Blair believes Jack, Todd's life could be next. After Jack leaves, Blair admits she doesn't believe Jack. She doesn't want to lose her son but needs to find a way to let Jack know he's not alone. She needs him to trust her enough to open up. It's the only way to bring Jack's conscience back before she loses her little boy forever. Starr wants to help Jack too, but not if it's going to sacrifice their father. James arrives. He heard about Todd's arrest and wanted to make sure Starr's okay. Jack thanks Blair for believing him. Blair holds Jack close.


At the loft, Brody talks to Liam and anticipates marrying Natalie. Jessica arrives and returns Brody's medal, the one that made her remember who he was. Brody asks Jessica if they can be civil. Jessica can't get the image of him and Natalie out of her head and can't accept them as a couple. Brody admits he proposed to Natalie. She didn't give him an answer yet. Jessica warns if Natalie's dragging her feet, it's because of John. After Jessica leaves, Natalie returns and tells Brody she'll marry him. Brody pulls Natalie close.


Ford finds Jessica outside his apartment. She's upset about Brody's proposal and doesn't understand why it bothers her. Ford reminds Jessica that she loved Brody. She's hurting, and he's sorry for that. Jessica thanks Ford for being there for her.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Natalie has something important to tell John.

Blair plans to get the truth out of Jack.

A copy of Natalie's paternity test resurfaces in front of Tea.

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