You Left A Big Chunk Of The Story Out.

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Cutter sees who's in the Kentucky facility, Echo still suspects Rex, and Todd asks Dani for a favor...

You Left A Big Chunk Of The Story Out. image

In the Kentucky facility, Kim diverted Rex but wonders how she's going to handle Cutter. As she leaves, Cutter confronts her in the hallway about the gun. Kim admits she has it and is using it for blackmail. She explains her plan. Cutter doesn't care and demands she give the gun back. He rushes into the room, sees Stacy and stops short. Kim claims the girl in the bed is Stacy. "You didn't tell me this," Cutter replies, looking at Stacy. "You left a big chunk of the story out." Kim can't lose Stacy and begs Cutter to help her. For once, Cutter wanted to do the right thing by turning the gun in. Kim assures him Kristine won't find out the truth and that she needs to keep Stacy going. Cutter wonders what'll happen if Echo doesn't come through for her. Cutter agrees to let Kim keep the gun and to not tell anyone about Stacy, knowing they wouldn't believe him anyway.


In John's office, he accuses Irene of killing Victor. She denies it and blames Todd, the son she gave away. Irene liked Victor and wouldn’t have killed him. John brings up Victor trying to strangle her. He was killed a few hours later. Irene reminds John of her alibi and refuses to allow John to pin Victor's murder on her. John orders Irene back to her cell, until she tells the truth.


Down in the jail, Todd's stunned to see Dani and stares at his daughter. "I'm not here to bond," Dani says and asks if Todd killed her father. Todd understands her love for Victor. He'd never take that away from her and swears he didn't kill him. He refutes Jack's claims and begs Dani to believe him. Todd doesn't blame Jack for how he feels and says everything's Irene's fault. Dani agrees Irene seemed a bit postal. They talk about Todd's past crimes and how Dani hated Victor for them. Todd accepts responsibly for his crimes and admits he left Tea for Blair. He's happy Dani had Ross and hopes one day Dani can accept him as her father. Todd stops her from leaving and says, "Convince your mother to help me." Todd thinks Tea will want the right person to pay for Victor's murder. He thinks of Irene's threats but can't tell Dani who he thinks killed Victor. He asks Dani to trust him. Irene's brought in. When she tries talking to Dani, Todd orders Dani to leave and warns Irene to never talk to her again. Irene taunts Todd about getting to know his daughter and asks if he's ready to give her what she wants. Todd doesn't know what that is.


When Tomas brings Tea food to her bedroom, she throws it at him. Todd may have been arrested for Victor's murder, but Tea can't forget how much Tomas hated her husband. She accuses Tomas of murdering Victor. Tomas confesses that he was with Claude on the night of Victor's murder. He was trying to figure out a legit way to get her and Dani away from Victor. Tomas wanted to protect her. He apologizes for not being at the funeral but wants to be there for Tea now. Tea apologizes for lashing out at Tomas and vents about Todd asking her to defend him. If Todd was arrested, and Tea thinks he killed Victor, Tomas wonders why she asked if he killed him. She's not sure she believes Jack's story. Tea misses Victor so much. Tomas gives Tea a sketch that he made of her and Victor. Tea can't wait to show Dani, who appears. Dani relays Todd's request.


At Rodi's Echo tells Roxy Kim has the gun and is blackmailing her. She explains Kim's terms and Rex's reaction to Echo's suggestion he return Clint's fortune. Roxy suggests it's time to come clean with their son. Echo had papers drawn up, giving everything back to Clint. Echo looks at the papers when word comes in that Todd was arrested for Victor's murder. Echo doesn't feel relieved and vows to do anything to protect Rex.


Rex enters the Buchanan Mansion and mistakes Natalie for Gigi. He apologizes and says the lead was another dead-end. He can tell something's wrong. Natalie admits Brody proposed. She didn't accept and doesn't know how to feel. Rex wonders if her hesitation is because of John. She feels a life with John is impossible but one with Brody isn't. Rex calls Natalie out for making excuses to marry Brody. She doesn't feel she has a choice. John doesn't love her. Later, Echo arrives and debates forging Rex's signature on the papers.

John arrives at Rodi's and refuses to give Roxy details on Victor's case. She suggests they talk about Natalie instead. Nearby, Natalie overhears.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Blair gives Starr bad news.

The Ford brothers chat about their love lives.

Roxy pesters John about his feelings for Natalie.

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