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Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Jack and Shane talk murder, Kim panics, and Irene taunts Todd...

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Shane appears at Victor's gravesite, claiming to be there to visit his mom. Shane mentions Victor's burial. He knows how Jack feels and describes how he felt, in detail, when Gigi was put into the ground. Jack finds it funny that their parents are buried right next to each other. "Yeah," Shane replies. "Hilarious." He appears stunned when Jack claims to be an eyewitness to Victor's murder. Jack explains seeing Todd kill Victor and that he's been arrested. Jack leaves Shane clearly startled. Shane talks to Gigi and admits, "Jack's lying."


Todd's brought to his cell and finds Irene in the one next to him. She claims to be guilty for locking Todd up all those years. Though Irene didn't succeed in her mission, she sees that Todd succeeded in his… to kill his own brother. Irene knows Jack turned Todd in and brings up Louie. She denies knowing where the gun is but claims she can produce it. Irene wants Todd to give her something he's had of hers for a longtime. If Todd tells anyone that she knows where the gun is, she'll make sure it's never found.


Upstairs in the station, Bo tells John how the mayor forced him to arrest Todd, who claims he's innocent. Bo assumes John still thinks Jack's lying. John goes over all of Jack's inconsistencies. They debate who killed Victor. "How about Rex Balsom," John suggests. Bo doesn't think Rex is capable of killing anyone. John notes how Rex has changed. Bo continues to defend Rex. John brings up Irene. Victor almost strangled her. She had motive.


In their apartment, Natalie's stunned by Brody's proposal. He thinks back to his secret being buried along with Victor and claims Victor's murder made him realize life is too short. Brody gets on one knee, promising to get her a real ring soon, and proposes again. Natalie turns Brody down. She worries about Jessica. Brody thinks Natalie said no because of John. She denies it and reminds him they haven't even said I love you to each other. "I love you," Brody professes and wonders if Natalie feels the same. "Maybe," Natalie replies. Brody's okay with that, for now, and asks Natalie to think over his proposal. She agrees.


At Capricorn, James helps Starr packs things up from Victor's memorial. Rick and Baz appear. Starr wonders why Baz would bring Rick there and rants about Baz missing Victor's memorial to hang out with Rick. Baz defends Rick. James wonders if Baz is stupid enough to fall for Rick's promises. Did he forget what Rick did to Nate and Dani? Rick reminds everyone how James used to steal cars and says, "Cry me a river." Baz already signed the contracts. This is Baz's dream. If Starr's not onboard, Baz orders her to bail out. Starr cries and refuses to give up on her dream. She resents Baz doing this right now. James says Starr's too good to work with the two lowlifes. Starr refuses to sign over her rights. She agrees, if Baz trusts Rick, what's the worst that can happen. She warns Rick to walk the straight and narrow, and Baz to never make decisions for her again. Baz has a gig in Paris and promises to contact Starr when he returns. Starr thinks James is disappointed in her. James assures Starr he'd never stop her from doing what she wants. Later, Jack appears and wants to celebrate. Because of him, Todd's been arrested.


Kim hides from Rex at the special care facility in Kentucky, as he asks a nurse about a patient that she's responsible for. Kim ducks inside her friend's room, panics and presses the call button. When the nurse appears, Kim explains that Rex is her friend's abusive boyfriend. He put her in this condition. If that's the case, the nurse wonders why Rex doesn't know the patient's name. Kim begs her to get rid of him. Back outside the room, Rex finds a list of patients and begins scanning the names. The nurse catches Rex, who apologizes. She claims the patient he's looking for was discharged yesterday. Rex leaves then returns and catches Kim thanking the nurse. Again, Rex explains to Kim that he's there due to Gigi's messages and begs, "If this has anything to do with Gigi, tell me." She denies her friend has any connection to Gigi. Rex brings up Clint's offer and how Kim said her friend was too sick to move, yet she's been released. It doesn't make sense. Kim says she lied to Clint to protect her friend. Her friend's family arrived and paid her bills. After Rex leaves, Kim returns to her friend's room and says, "That was a close one, Stacy. No one can see your face, and we know why."

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Echo still thinks Rex could be guilty.

Cutter sees who's in the Kentucky special care facility.

Todd asks Dani for a favor.

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