Do I?

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Todd asks for help, Brody proposes, and Kim finds Rex in Kentucky...

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In the church, Dani explains to Tea how Jack's memory came back. He pinpointed Todd as Victor's killer. Tea appears skeptical. Dani wonders if Tea thinks Jack would lie. Does she think Todd would kill Victor? Tea thinks the real question is if Jack is lying. Dani thinks Jack could very well be lying, yet again.


At Victor's gravesite, Todd's stunned to hear Jack's the eyewitness, the reason he's under arrest. "You didn't see me because I wasn't there," Todd tells Jack, who reiterates what he told John. Jack wonders why Todd is questioning him about the night of the murder when he knows what he did. "Do I?" Todd asks, leaning in close. The cops cuff Todd, who screams that his son is lying. Jack warns that Todd's going down. Todd begs Jack to think about what he's doing. Having him thrown in jail won't bring Victor back. It'll cause Jack to lose the only father he has left. Jack refuses to recant his statement. Before Todd's taken away, he warns that Victor is watching Jack lie right now. Jack asks for a sign from Victor. Is he doing the right thing? Someone watches Jack from the bushes.


At the station, Natalie tells Brody they have an eyewitness to Victor's murder. Brody's happily surprised. Natalie wonders why. Brody just figured a witness would've come forward before now. Natalie admits it's Jack. Though she doesn't want to believe it, maybe Todd did kill Victor. She apologizes for thinking Brody had anything to do with Victor's murder and admits she kept Victor's secretary's statement a secret from John. Brody doesn't want Natalie to lie for him but appreciates it. They leave together. Later, Todd's brought in. He calls Tea for help. She hangs up on him.


Over at their apartment, with Liam asleep, Natalie talks about how much she sees Brody in their son. He's so thankful that they have a future together. "Marry me," Brody whispers.


Still at the diner, Rex wonders why Echo's urging him to give Clint's fortune back. Why would she even ask him to? Echo thinks back to Kim's threats and claims it's due to Gigi. Maybe Gigi's appearances are really Rex's conscience speaking to him. Gigi would never have approved of what he did to Clint. Rex thinks Clint deserved what happened to him, at the time. Echo claims she's trying to protect Rex and his soul. Rex admits Clint's another piece of the puzzle. He gave him a lead. He's leaving for Kentucky. Rex thinks Gigi wants him to find out about Kim's sick friend. He assures Echo he's mentally stable, especially now that Victor's out of the picture. After Rex leaves, Echo takes a call from Roxy and says that they have a major problem on their hands, and it's not Cutter.


Cutter returns to his motel room and thinks Morris looks different. Just as he checks to see if the gun is still inside Morris, and brings up Rex's money, Kristine appears and asks what he's doing. Did he really turn in the gun? Cutter assures Kristine he did. He was just tiding up the room. She sends Cutter off to shower then asks Morris if Cutter was lying. Kristine begins to look in Morris' hidey-ho. Cutter catches her and accuses her of not trusting him. "I have to look," Kristine says and finds the secret compartment empty. She apologizes for doubting him. Cutter forgives her. Over dinner, they celebrate Cutter's first honest paycheck, as small as it is. After Kristine leaves to buy some wine, Cutter angrily rants about Kim stealing the gun.


Kim rushes into the hospital room in Kentucky and tells her friend their problems are solved, thanks to Rex. She explains the murder weapon and asks if her friend remembers Roxy's ratty old porcupine. That's where the weapon was hidden. Kim lays out her deal with Echo. She takes out the gun. Cutter doesn't know it's missing. She assures her friend Rex won't be in trouble. The gun is the key to everyone's happiness. She talks about Clint's offer to move her to Llanview, but says, "You and I both know no one in Llanview can ever see you." Kim calls Echo with a reminder to make sure Clint gets his money back. Echo's working on it but needs more time. She ignores a call from Cutter and realizes he now knows she took the gun. Kim steps out into the hallway and is stunned to see Rex asking questions.


Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Shane taunts Jack about how it feels to lose someone close to him.

Todd and Irene come face to face.

Starr gives in.

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