This Will Come Back To Bite You.

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Todd's arrested, Kim gives Echo her terms, and Rex agrees to help Clint...

This Will Come Back To Bite You. image

Llanview's new mayor visits Bo in his office. She heard there was an eyewitness to Victor's murder. Bo explains why he doesn't trust Jack's statement. "That's for a jury to decide," Kathleen says. She orders Bo to make an arrest and suggests Todd's getting preferential treatment. Bo denies it and thinks she wants to look tough on crime before the election. He notes that Nora feels the same way about the evidence. Kathleen speaks of Nora's absence and how her deputy doesn't share Nora's thoughts. Bo thinks Kathleen still holds a grudge against Nora because he wouldn't go out with her. She warns this is nothing personal and leaves. Kathleen returns with a warrant for Todd's arrest. Bo warns this will come back to bite Kathleen.


Dani finds Jack by Victor's grave and begs him to tell her who the eyewitness is. Jack finally admits, "It was me." Dani thinks Jack's story is strange. Todd hasn't even been arrested yet. Jack swears on Victor's grave that he's telling the truth and asks Dani to let him say goodbye to his dad in peace. Once alone, Jack apologizes for lying. He has to make Scarface pay and thinks this is the only way.


Tea thinks she sees Victor in the church. It's Todd. He tries to be sympathetic. Tea thinks he's there to gloat. Todd admits he hated Victor, but he's not happy about what happened. He knows it must've been hard for Victor when Irene told him who he was. Tea doesn't buy his 'understanding' and accuses him of not caring about the kids - since he killed Victor. Todd promises he's innocent and asks Tea to defend him. Tea flips out, grabs Todd and cries, "He loved me. Get out!" After he leaves, Tea falls apart by Victor's photo. She talks to Victor… Though Tea told Dani she's fine, she lied. She wonders how to keep it together for Dani and asks for Victor's help. Dani appears and shares how she and Victor took care of each other when they thought Tea had died. Now that Victor's gone, Tea and Dani will do the same. Dani tells Tea about Jack's claims.


Back at Victor's grave, just as Jack assures Victor that he'll get him justice, Todd appears. Jack accuses Todd of killing Victor. Todd counters that he came back for Jack and his kids. He'd never hurt Jack by killing Victor. The cops appear and place Todd under arrest. They have an eyewitness. Todd looks at Jack.


In Cutter's motel room, Echo suddenly recognizes Kim as Clint's ex-wife, the stripper. Kim knows Echo too and knows she and Roxy only want Morris so they can hide the fact that Rex is a stone-cold killer. Echo tries threatening Kim, who doesn't budge. She finds Morris' hidey-ho empty but vows to leave with the gun. "Let's deal," Kim replies. If Echo wants the gun, she better make sure Rex gives Clint back his fortune. Echo wants to pay Kim off, but Kim refuses it. She denies wanting all of Clint's money. She only wants enough to help her sick friend. Kim orders Echo to return with what she wants. Later, Kim looks at a photo of her and Stacy and vows to make everything right.


At Llanfair, Rex asks what's so important that Clint's trying to throw his weight around at hospitals. Clint's trying to help a friend. Rex pushes for details and claims it's important to him, Shane and Gigi. After Clint fills Rex in on Kim's sick friend in Kentucky, he asks what has Rex so upset. Rex admits he sees Gigi. He shares Delphina's messages and how Gigi begs him not to give up. Rex brings up Kim's sick friend and says, "Maybe we're supposed to help each other." Kim must be connected to whatever Gigi's trying to tell him. Rex offers to track down Kim's friend for Clint, who shares what he knows and urges Rex to find Kim's sick friend right away. Clint would do anything to help Kim and knows she'd do the same for him. He understands why Rex is still seeing Gigi…The good always lingers behind. Clint knows he has a good heart and will never forget what Gigi did for him.


Shaun finds Destiny at the diner. Why wasn't she at the funeral for Dani? Destiny called Dani and explains that she went to visit Greg. Today was the only day Greg could receive visitors. Though Destiny told Greg about the baby, she went to show him Matthew's medical files, the ones she stole. Greg thinks Matthew's getting better. Rex arrives, with Echo close behind. As he talks about his trip, and how he's taking the jet, Echo suggests he give Clint all of his property back.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Brody proposes to Natalie.

Todd asks for Tea's help.

Cutter threatens Kim after finding the gun missing from Morris.

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