I Won't Bury Him. I Can't Do It.

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Tea is stunned, Viki worries, and Rex shares a message...

I Won't Bury Him. I Can't Do It. image

At Llanfair, Viki overhears Clint's call with the Kentucky hospital. Though she tries to walk away, Clint hangs up and asks, "Aren't you going to ask me about Kim?" Viki heard Kim was in town and acts as though it's none of her business. After teasing Viki about being jealous, Clint explains Kim's situation and his offer to help her sick friend. He wants to help Kim, even though she refused him. Viki reminds Clint of Kim's secret that rushed her out of Llanview before. She doesn't want Kim exploiting his feelings again or breaking his new heart. Over talk of Victor's funeral, Clint gives Viki a pep talk. She's glad he's there. Clint promises to take care of himself and gives her his condolences over Victor.


Dani hollers up to Tea, who appears downstairs at the Manning Estate in her robe. Blair sends Dani ahead to the church and urges Tea to get dressed. Tea falls to the couch and whispers, "I won't bury him. I can't do it." As Tea sobs, Blair reminds her she has Dani to think about. They both need to do this for their kids. Blair takes Tea in her arms and leads her upstairs. Once Tea's dressed, they leave together.


At the church, Starr explains to Sam why there's a photo of his dad there. Victor can't be there with them today. "I don't want Daddy in Heaven," Sam cries. "I want him here." Starr assures Sam that Victor can see them and is with them all the time. James makes Sam feel better by promising to take him to a baseball game. Starr gets emotional and wonders where her mom, Tea and Viki are. Nearby, Jack makes a call and finds out Todd hasn't been arrested yet. Shaun appears and explains that the cops don't have enough evidence for an arrest. "They do now," Jack replies. Just as Shaun questions how Jack knows, Jessica interrupts with condolences. Dani arrives. Jack privately tells her Todd shot Victor. She doesn't want to believe Jack but wonders if he knows something. Tea and Blair arrive. Everyone takes their seats. The priest stands before Victor's coffin and starts the service. Viki says a few words, touches Victor's coffin then takes her seat. After everyone leaves for the cemetery, someone enters the church and stares at Victor's photo.


Everyone gathers in the cemetery and places roses on Victor's grave. Tea asks for a moment alone. After everyone leaves, she kneels by Victor's grave.

Tea goes back to the church, sees someone standing by Victor's photo and whispers, "Victor."


Roxy bangs on Cutter's motel room door, demanding he give Morris back. Kim hides, as Cutter lets Roxy in. She accuses Cutter of ripping her off. He offers to pay Roxy more money. She refuses it. Roxy wants Morris and claims he's dangerous. Kim wonders what Roxy's talking about. Cutter pushes Roxy back out the door without Morris or any more money. Kim reappears and demands to know why Cutter wouldn't just return the porcupine. Kim picks up Morris and finds the gun. Cutter admits it's Rex's. After Cutter catches Kim up on Victor's murder, Kim says, "This is perfect." Cutter likes Kim's blackmailing idea but can't go back on his word to Kristine. Kim makes one thing clear… Cutter had the deal with Kristine, not her. They both leave.


Echo runs into Rex at the diner. She thinks about the missing gun, as Rex shares his Gigi sighting and how Gigi urged him not to give up. Delphina told him to go to Clint for more info. Echo suggests Gigi meant for Rex not to give up on Clint. Rex doesn't think that's it but shares 'the moment' he had with Clint. He reiterates the only reason why he gave Clint Gigi's heart. Echo hopes Rex isn't still out for revenge. He assures Echo Jack isn't a problem and asks if she got rid of the gun. Echo claims she did and listens as Rex says justice will be served today. Jack will have to watch Victor be laid to rest. He'll now know how he and Shane feel. Later, Roxy arrives, privately tells Echo about her visit with Cutter and says, "We have to get that gun back."

Rex enters Llanfair and finds Clint ranting to someone, who won't give him any information, at the Kentucky hospital. He makes a few remarks about Clint being alone, in a wheelchair and with someone else's heart then lets Clint know he's there to see him - not Natalie.


Later, Kim sneaks back into Cutter's room. Echo arrives, sees Morris and puts on a big show, claiming she has an interest in porcupines. Kim says she'd be happy to help her with that.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life to Live:

Someone ends up arrested.

Kim agrees to give Echo Rex's gun for a price.

Rex agrees to help Clint get info on Kim's sick friend.

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